Dog Collar - Star Trek - Uniform Blue

A Crowded Coop


Star Trek Dog Collar - Boldly go where no other dog has gone before

Sorry, Bones. With a name like that, you're bound to be popular with the pooches. Especially if you're walking them with a stylish Star Trek: The Original Series collar.

The hardest part of selecting a collar for Fido is deciding which division your canine belongs to.

Blue for your hunting dogs, specializing in sensors and research, ready to dive into field work at any moment. Or your medical dogs who know when you're ill and are there to minister to you with the best medicine: warm puppy love.

Boldly go for the adventurous dogs, ready for action. Who want to explore the universe with the front of their nose.

Product Specifications

Dog-walking collar for fans of ST:TOS
Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise
For your own personal Porthos, Butler, or Alfa 177 canine
Features a rubber replica of the division insignia hanging from the O ring
Materials: Nylon

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