Dog Collar - Star Trek - Uniform Red

A Crowded Coop


Star Trek Dog Collar - Boldly go where no other dog has gone before

Sorry, Bones. With a name like that, you're bound to be popular with the pooches. Especially if you're walking them with a stylish Star Trek: The Original Series collar.

The hardest part of selecting a collar for Fido is deciding which division your canine belongs to.

Red for your security dogs who watch everything with a wary eye and sacrifice their own safety for yours. Or your communications dogs who declare "Howling frequencies open, sir" with a yip.

Boldly go for the adventurous dogs, ready for action. Who want to explore the universe with the front of their nose.

Product Specifications

Dog-walking collar for fans of ST:TOS
Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise
For your own personal Porthos, Butler, or Alfa 177 canine
Features a rubber replica of the division insignia hanging from the O ring
Materials: Nylon

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