I'm Not Daredevil Shirt

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That damn Registration Act really screwed things up, didn't it? Poor Matt Murdock had his identity revealed, but then through an elaborate rouse was able to cast some doubt on whether or not the blind lawyer actually was superhero. I think the most integral part of this plan is the 100% cotton Daredevil I'm Not Daredevil 30 Single T-Shirt! People tell others to 'put it on a t-shirt' all the time and well...sometimes people takes things a bit seriously. This fine red Daredevil I'm Not Daredevil 30 Single T-Shirt is a 30 single t-shirt, meaning that this t-shirt is top notch and much softer than 'normie' t-shirts! I'd wear this t-shirt while you take your BAR exam...or go out with your assassin girlfriend!

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