X-Men: A Skinning of Souls TP

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The X-Men travel to Russia for a family reunion with Colossus' parents - and his little sister Illyana, formerly the fan-favorite New Mutant known as Magik! But the villainous Soul Skinner is on the loose, and the Russian government is prepared to stop him by any means necessary. Even if that means using a little girl and shattering a family. Plus: Betsy Braddock returns! But if Betsy's back, then who is Psylocke? The X-Men head for Japan in search of answers, but find themselves at odds with the Silver Samurai! And Gambit and Rogue face a challenge of the heart.

COLLECTING: X-Men (1991) 17-24, X-Men: Survival Guide to the Mansion , material from Marve l Swimsuit Special 2

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