Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin

Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin

By Dustin M. Best

Welcome to your weekly dose of Marvel tidbits, compact bite-size news worthy nuggets of astonishment! Hope your Memorial Day weekend is going...well...Marvel-ously, it's a great time to show gratitude for the brave men and women who have served in our military, present and past.

With that being said...let's feast on some Marvel!

New Duds for Tasky?

taskmaster spider-men spiderman miles peter marvel news

 Taskmaster is one of the most cross-functional villains in all of Marvel. From sometimes Nick Fury appointed double Shield agent to battling Spider-Man, Tasky has done it all! While the old school appearance is, well...swordy, the new duds show a new take on Taskmaster after the events of Secret Empire, where he is currently a member of Team "Bad Steve" Hydra. From the looks of the next Spider-Man event...Spider-Men...this new take on Tasky still makes the skill set copy cat as dangerous as ever.

taskmaster imbibe spiderman 

Taskmaster enjoying IMBIBE

Marvel Comic of the Week

infamous iron man victor von doom thing marvel

Infamous Iron Man continues to be one of my personal favorite on-going series to date. While this issue teases a dramatic showdown between old rivals Victor and Reed, this issue takes time to continue to build up to what promises to be an all out battle. For those who are not aware (spoilers), Reed and Sue are still in outer space exploring and documenting new universes after the fall out of Secret Wars. This earth's Reed...well that is the Maker, the Ultimate Universe version of Reed...a very bad Reed.

Without spoiling what's in these pages, Victor contacts Iron Heart (Riri Williams) to assist him in testing his hypothesis on why he is experiencing lucid visions. Riri obliges to blast Victor until he starts to experience another vision, who shows up in this vision is truly jaw-dropping and I thoroughly geeked at the possibilities laid forth. You must read this as it is the all-mighty Marvel comic of the week!

Song of the Week

What else can I say?! It's Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy and be safe! As always...keep it Marvel until next week.

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