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The DC Week In Review w/Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/Dylan

By: Dylan Ashcraft

It's that time of the week folks, where we take a look at what's happening in the news of DC Comics, review a comic book, and look at some pretty cover art. Now this isn't the biggest week when it comes to DC comics news however there are a couple interesting tidbits.

Batman vs Two-Face


The trailer for the upcoming animated movie based off the 1960s Batman and Robin television show was just released and it stars the late great Adam West in his famous role as the Caped Crusader. The movie also features Burt Ward as Robin and William Shatner as Two-Face while having appearances of characters such as The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin and Hugo Strange.

It was your standard DC animation trailer where it shows off a significant portion while avoiding any major spoilers (unlike some of the DC Cinematic Universe trailers). Check out the trailer below and if you liked the trailer, than I would recommend picking up the movie when it releases October 17th of this year.

I will say, line of the trailer certainly has to be Hugo Stranges' "If you can't kill them in a horrible lab experiment, join them".

Batman and The Signal

As priorly talked about, Duke Thomas aka "The Signal" is getting a starring role in a Batman title, where he and Bats will be teaming up. And lord let me tell you, do I hate that name, I mean there are just so many better options. You can do so much better than the Signal for a character. And while I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Duke Thomas, I am particularly annoyed about the fact that they gave him such a terrible name. Besides the fact that "The Signal" sounds like the name of a D-List villain that flashes little lights in your eyes, we already have a Signal that's deeply written in Batman's lore. You know...this thing.

Putting how I feel about Mr. Thomas' hero name aside, I will say that based off the cover art of the first issue, the changes made to his costume are much better. His old costume looks like a cheap cosplay, because it just looks like he's wearing really (really) bright motorcycle pads/gear.

The new costume however has some aesthetically appealing differences about it, the black design on his cowl looks amazing and the fact that it goes down past his chin makes the side profile really cool. Also the changes to the Bat symbol on his chest are welcome as well as the white Bat outlined with the black makes the costume have a "pop" factor that it didn't have before. Cully Hammer did a really good job designing this costume change.

Batman and the Signal will be a three part miniseries written by Scott Snyder and co-written by Tony Patrick from the DC Writer Workshop. Snyder has stated that Patrick is really passionate about the character (Duke Thomas) and that bodes to be a great thing because it really helps when the writer truly cares about the character they're writing for. It'll be interesting to see where this miniseries takes Duke Thomas after the events of Dark Knights: The Culling.

The Flash Races Through Walmart

Okay, I'll be honest with you, this isn't really news of any sort...it's just kind of a fun thing. So a new advert for Walmart has recently gone out with Justice League's The Flash racing around helping shoppers at the store. Now it isn't likely Ezra Miller in the costume here (as you never see his face) but things like this are fun, especially for the kids. I mean, I remember when the first Spiderman movie (Tobey Maguire) was coming out, the Walmart near me was advertising that Spiderman was in the store and taking pictures with kids. Stuff like this is great for kids because these characters are role models for them, so while it's silly and campy (especially with the 80s soundtrack for the bit) it's pretty awesome.

The DC Cover of the Week

The Flash #28 is the cover of the week and if I do say so myself, holy crap is this thing pretty. I'm a big fan of covers like this where the background is in a duller color while the main focus falls on the character whose stylized in a bright way to make the cover pop to the eyes. The black lightning ebbing off of the Flash as he runs is excellent as having it look as if the Flash is breaking the ground as he runs (which ties into the story) is such a nice aesthetic. I've been loving a vast majority of the variant covers for the Flash comic series and I have to say, this is probably one of my favorites.

The DC Comic of the Week

So typically when I review a comic for DC Comic of the Week, I go in depth and talk about what happens in the book. However for this comic, I'm not going to do that. Because if there was one single comic that I would want someone to go out and read after reading this article, it's this one. Tom King's "Mister Miracle" is the DC Comic of the Week because it's absolutely amazing.

I'm going to preface all of this by saying that I am a massive fan of Tom King's work and I believe he really excels with characters that no one else really utilizes (or at least nowadays). His run with Vision is one of the best comic series I've read, the work he did with that character was amazing. And then with Kyle Rayner in the Omega Men, another fantastic series that was amazing from the start and ended that way.

The book opens up in spectacular fashion with Mister Miracle's ultimate escape attempt, escaping death. And what I mean by that is, Mister Miracle attempts to commit suicide to see if he can escape death. And that is all I am going to give away about what happens inside the book.

The art perfectly matches up with the tone of the story and really stands out amongst so many things in this book. Mitch Gerads ability to convey emotion with a single panel is incredible, the ability to cause a sense of disorientation for the reader so that they don't comfortable reading this book is fantastic. And from the start of the book you can tell that this isn't your typical superhero title, it doesn't go at the pace that readers are accustomed to with new books. There are these shifts in reality inside the book that puts the readers on their toes, it makes it so that when you're experiencing what's going on, you aren't sure what to believe as true. The only thing you can really know for sure is that this isn't just some random DC Comics book, it's something else.

Which is exactly what Tom King wants, as he's stated that he wants to write a comic like Watchmen, a comic that captures the uncertainty of our times, and with this book, I feel he will do just that.

Tom King's "Mister Miracle"  #1 receives a 9.75/10.

This makes this book the highest I've scored so far here on the DC Comics Week In Review and it is very well deserved. I don't believe it is a perfect book, hence the lack of rating it a 10, but it is absolutely amazing. And very well might be my favorite comic of the entire year across all publishing companies. It is without a doubt, the best issue one of the year however and I can't put into words how much I suggest reading this title.

"Follow Mister Miracle, Enter the next Trap"

And that is this week's DC Week In Review, let me know in the comments what you think of the Batman vs Two-Face Trailer, Duke's new costume, and Mister Miracle #1. Until next week, I bid you adieu

DC Week In Review w/Dylan

DC Week In Review w/Dylan
The DC Week In Review w/Dylan
Hello there fans of DC Comics, how are you on this fine day? Great you say, well that's just wonderful. As always we're going to be taking a gander at the news, review a comic, and look at the cover of the week. 
Batman Metal Covers
DC recently revealed two covers for "Batman: The Red Death" and "Batman: The Murder Machine" which are titles that tie into the big upcoming Scott Snyder event "Dark Nights: Metal" where we will see the Dark Multiverse in action. Now we've talked about the two prequel comics on prior "DC Week In Reviews" but we haven't actually talked much about the covers for the comics, and let me tell you this Batman: Red Death cover is absolutely gorgeous, the design for the evil BatFlash (copyright pending) is impeccable. The look of the bat symbol broken up with a black lightning bolt is interesting as unlike Batman/Superman we haven't seen the combination of the Bat and Flash symbols (in canon) before. 
The cover for The Murder Machine is less appealing and personally to me seems a little cluttered. It's a relatively busy image where we see the Justice League doing battle with an evil Batman and his Evil Bat Tank of Murder (copyright pending). As you can see The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg are being struck with bolts of pixelating energy (reference to Pixels maybe?). Perhaps when pixelated they get sucked into the Murder Machine. 
"Batman: The Red Death" goes on sale September 20th while "Batman: The Murder Machine" goes on sale the 27th. 
Who Is Going to Direct Suicide Squad 2?
Not Jaume Collet-Serra that's for sure. 
The sequel to the not-so-hit DC comics movie "Suicide Squad" is currently in need of a director and no one seems to be wanting to hop on this ship. Director Jaume Collet-Serra who recently directed the movie "The Shallows" is the most recent to turn down steering the helm for this film. WB is currently seeking a director and might be for some time. 
Superman In Justice League?
What a surprise. 
I mean a poster came out advertising the upcoming Justice League movie that is getting released later this year and guess whose on it. Not Zod, he's dead. Now Superman however, you know the Kryptonian who died at the end of the last movie where we had this whole emotional funeral scene. Yeah he's in this movie. Now granted, this was common knowledge, we all knew he was coming back but this is the first time that DC has really been open about his return in the movie. 
The big blue boy scout is flying high and proud above the rest of the League (like he's better, totally entitled Kryptonians. Am I right?) while the remainder of the poster features absolutely glorious renditions of the team members. That Flash pose? With the blue lightning? 
DC Cover of the Week
Batman #27 is the choice for cover of the week, as Uncanny!'s local artist Brandt had these words to say about the cover:
"Exquisite"-Brandt (local artist) (copyright pending).
Fine word Brandt fine word, now to expand on his comment lets nit pick the cover for it's miniscule notable inconstancies. The main glaring problem is that on the inner bounds of each playing card there is a thick solid black line which differs from about every other contour line in the image. It's harder to notice on the faces of both Riddler and the Joker, although if you look to the outer most line of the playing card the Joker is drawing, it isn't as stark of a line. It seems to be drawn with a pen textured digital brush of some sort, which really throws off the piece as a whole. Next issue with the cover is the lack of consistency from the illustrator to the colorist. They have applied a mostly opaque green tinted splotch (Correct term) over the sides of both the Joker and Riddler's faces. It becomes apparent as it proceeds to fall down off the face of the Joker all the way down to his thumb.
Despite all this, the cover is still rather remarkable and certainly deserving to be the cover of the week. 
I want to thank, the local artist, Brandt one more time, for his rather exquisite comment. 
DC Comic of the Week
This week's comic of the week goes to Sam Humphries "Green Lanterns" which has been a rather good series through and through (and if you haven't checked it out yet I really do suggest reading at least the first two volumes). This is issue 28 of the Rebirth run and part two of the current arc.
The issue starts off with a little backstory featuring a Kryptonian Green Lantern and how she got the ring. Now you might be like "But aren't all Kryptonians dead besides Supes and his sister and that other fella Zod." Yes, pretty much. But this takes place before they all die. 
Which I have to say, the inside of this book is absolutely stunning, the coloring and washes of green are beautiful. Each character comes to life in their own unique green aura and rock the page. As for the story of the book, as this is only part two we haven't yet gotten into the meat of the arc and thus it'll take another issue or so for it to truly get rolling.
However we were able to see the "First seven" Green Lanterns, and the splash page where they show up is an awesome moment.
I'm excited to see how this arc plays out as this series has been one that I've been following closely since the lanterns first battle with Atrocitus.
Green Lanterns #28 gets a 7.0 out of 10
That's it folks! That's the end of the article until next week where I return with more DC related news and topics to talk about. What was your comic of the week and who do you think should direct Suicide Squad 2? Arrivederci mi amici!

Marvel Tidbits W/ Dustin

Marvel Tidbits W/ Dustin
by Dustin M. Best
Marvel news is coming in swiftly from all angles...comics...movies...tv...life. Where do you go to digest it all in one-shot? That's right...Marvel Tidbits. This past week in Marvel has fulfilled our needs of seeing what the Legendary Avengers of 1,000,000 BC are looking like to interesting takes on characters hitting the big screen.
Let's take a bite of crime, shall we?

Avenger Fossils

Jason Aaron / Esad Ribic - Marvel

Marvel continues to trudge ahead in revamping their comic line-up, the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC...stars of the Marvel One Shot, Legacy...are bound to play a monumental role in the shaping of  an almost re-newed Marvel universe. These cosmic and mystical forces are represented in full force, and by full force...I do mean POWER. Shown above we have (L to R) Starbrand, Iron Fist, Phoenix, Odin, Black Panther, Ghost Rider and Agamotto. 


This team is chock-full-o-history. These historic forces have all impacted the proceeding generations of Marvel heroes and villains alike. How will introducing this never before seen team of Avengers impact the legacy of the heroes of today? Legacy drops September 27th, 2017, however...

Comic of the Week

Marvel Generations Hulk

Marvel Generations is a 10 part series chronicling the "current" iterations of characters meeting up with their predecessors so to speak. The first release just dropped and is my Marvel Comic of the Week...Generations: The Strongest.

The story dives right in with Amadeus Cho's Totally Awesome Hulk meeting up with Bruce Banner's Hulk in the relative past. Not a whole lot of backstory as far as how this occurred, but General Thunderbolt Ross has his droids attacking the Hulks before a sea creature of some sort joins the battle. While the book keeps the explosive action rolling, the dialogue between Amadeus and Bruce stirs something up in Amadeus. It's this revelation that will propel Amadeus's Hulk character and will be a welcome change to long time Incredible Hulk fans.

Generations is surely to cause a large imprint in the Legacy of Marvel moving forward.

Pushing Luck

Deadpool Domino
Zazie Beetz as Domino

While certainly not the traditional comic look that some may have been hoping for, I'm a fan of the Zazie Beetz look as Domino from the upcoming Deadpool 2 flick. The black around the eye may be gone, but I'm certain that the luck Domino creates is still there. Created by Rob Liefield, Domino debuted in the pages of X-Force #8 (1992). What do you think of the new look?

Domino Deadpool Zazie Beatz

Your Hair Moves Me

It's the moment I've been waiting for since Marvel first started dropping Inhumans trailers for the highly anticipated TV series...Medusa's hair in action! The CGI assisted hair movement looks to flow rather seamlessly, especially when Medusa commands her hair to wrap around the maniacal Mad Max's throat. It's almost as if Iwan Rheon (Maximus the Mad) has a natural niche for playing a tormentor to red heads.

sansa ramsay bolton game of thrones hbo

Inhumans debuts in IMAX September 1st with the first 2 episodes before debuting on ABC on September 29th running the full 8 episode series.

Song of the Week

I feel like this is just too on point looking back on Medusa. She certainly is more than just her hair as India.Arie proudly sings on "I Am Not My Hair". 

Also...be sure to check out Issue #16 of IMBIBE with Rob McFee where he so perfectly...and eloquently....pairs Daredevil: Dark Nights with Brooklyn Brewery Defender...just click on the image already!

That's it for Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin, hope you have a wonderful weekend, you are more than just your hair....keep it light!

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IMBIBE Issue #16: Daredevil Dark Nights with Brooklyn Defender IPA

IMBIBE Issue #16: Daredevil Dark Nights with Brooklyn Defender IPA

This blog post is intended for readers 21 and older.

By Rob McFee


This Week's Pairing:


"Daredevil Dark Nights" Written by Lee Weeks, David Lapham, & Jimmy Palmiotti- Art by Lee Weeks, David Lapham, & Thony Silas- Published by MARVEL Worldwide Inc., 2014

Brooklyn Defender IPA- American IPA- 6.7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV)- Brooklyn Brewery, New York, USA

The pairing of MARVEL'S "Daredevil Dark Nights" with Brooklyn Defender IPA is serendipitous, to say the least. MARVEL'S crimson avenger has been protecting the innocent of New York City for the past 53 years, and though for not quite as long, Brooklyn Brewery has been defending our palates by providing top quality craft beer to New York City residents and the world. So it just made sense to do an IMBIBE pairing with these two Defender's of all things good.


At first pour Defender's appearance is reddish and dark brown in color, much like the costume of a certain Netflix "Defender", but in the place of horns this Defender is topped by a soft white thick head. The aroma is mild hops with some citrus and fruity overtones. The flavor is definitively IPA with subtle sweet caramel notes and a bitter bite, which enhances the imbibing experience, not to mention at a 6.7% ABV Defender ranks at the top with some of the best IPAs brewed today.



"Daredevil Dark Nights" brings together some of the greatest talents in comics, who bring you gorgeous new stories featuring the Man Without Fear!

Lee Weeks pulls double duty using his amazing writing and artistic talents to tell a tale of a blizzard that brings New York to a standstill - and a little girl in desperate need of a heart transplant lies on death's door, unless Daredevil can get to her in time! The trouble is, DD is recovering from a severe concussion!  This is just one of three amazing stories starring the Daredevil.

 If your looking to spend an evening imbibing in both heroes and craft beer, then "Daredevil Dark Nights" and Brooklyn Defender IPA are the perfect pairing for you.


Until next week read and consume responsibly.

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Indie Scene

Indie Scene
By Dustin M. Best

I may have made a wrong turn from my usual, legendary role of your host for Marvel Tidbits but here I am...in the Indie Scene; it feels rather comfortable...and linear.

When not going my usual Marvel route I like to take the backroads and hit up the Indies. No worrying about tie-ins or major events...just straight up storytelling and artistic freedom. Flipping through the pages of books from the likes of Image and Boom! Studios (to name a few) can provide epic, evolutionary adventures to grounded, "holy $hit, this is my life" tales. 
So without further ado let's rip into the Indie Scene!

2 Lit

I may not be Ty Dolla $ign, but I do know a good trade when I read one. How that is correlated or relevant is irrelevant. Grab these 2 books, 1 out now...1 upcoming!

 seven to eternity rick remender image comics
Seven To Eternity Vol. 1: The God of Whispers
by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Matt Hollingsworth
Image Comics

Being the Marvel fanboy, I am certainly familiar with the Rick Remender - Jerome Opena duo as they put together potentially my favorite X-book ever in Uncanny X-Force (2010-12). *reminds self he is no longer in Marvel Tidbits* 

Seven To Eternity is a powerful, dramatic story about the Osidis family keeping their faith and loyalty to each other in a land otherwise compromised by the devious God of Whispers; whom feeds on the needs and wants of others in exchange for them being his eyes and ears. If he dies, all the people who've bargained with him die as well. Seems like a no-win situation for our "hero", Adam Osidis, who himself is fighting off a deadly disease. A band of magical beings soon join up with Adam to aid him on his quest to end the God of Whispers manipulative reign of terror. 

This graphic novel is available now at your local Uncanny! 

God Country
by Donny Cates, Jeff Shaw
Image Comics

Do you enjoy a good, solid cry every now and again? Do you enjoy small ensemble masterpieces? Pina Coladas? Talking swords?

Awesome. This book is for you. Rising star storyteller Donny Cates brings us a one shot story that was spread through six spectacular issues. God Country tells a story of the Quinlan family, whom are on the verge of coming apart due in large part to widowed Grandfather, Emmet Quinlan, who has been suffering from Dementia. Emmet's son, Roy and his wife Janey are put in the unenviable position of how to best manage Emmet's disease. Emmet's disease-riddled mind no longer recognizes Roy or Janey, including Deena, their young daughter.

That is until the mother of all blades comes crashing into their life, Valofax! 

god country image comics

Upon grasping Valofax, Emmet is no longer tormented by the grasp of Dementia and gets to meet his grand-daughter for the very first time. It's a superbly special moment and one that Emmet cherishes. So much so that when the "rightful" owner comes to take back what is his, Emmet has a tough decision to make...give back the sword and fall back in the darkness of Dementia or fight.

That's all you'll get out of me, so come this Wednesday, August 2nd...be sure to be at your local Uncanny! to buy the story in trade paperback!

Fresh Take

Looking for a funky, fresh new story to delve into? I've got you covered. I'm like the Fresh Prince of Comics...only not Will Smith and I'm certainly not getting "jiggy" with it.

shirtless bear hunter image
Shirtless Bear-Fighter!
by Jody Leheup & Sebastian Girner
Image Comics

Shirtless Bear-Fighter! is a comic that absolutely, should be taken at Grizzly face value...a load of fun and laughs. This is a five part mini-series chronicling the one and only Shirtless Bear-Fighter as he takes on a bevy of bears that have been mind controlled by an evil organization.

Bears. Flapjacks. Maple Syrup.

Get into your local Uncanny! to ensure you subscribe to this beastly hilarious series!

Thanks for bearing with me throughout this week's Indie Scene. Who from your local Uncanny! will you see here next week...stay tuned!

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The DC Week in Review w/Dylan

The DC Week in Review w/Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/Dylan

By: Dylan Ashcraft

Welcome all to the DC Week in Review where we'll take a stroll together through the amusement park of life that is DC Comics news. And if that didn't make any sense, that might have been the point, honestly it was just so I could work in a reference to the Killing Joke.

Wonder Woman 2 Gets Official Release Date

The sequel to the hit DC Comics movie (it's been awhile since I've been able to say that) Wonder Woman 2 has received an official release date for 2019. More specifically December 13th 2019, which interestingly because of Disney's shakeup to their movie lineup won't place the Warner Brothers movie in contention with a Star Wars or Marvel movie. Which will prove to be a good thing for the movie, not because I don't think it'll do well at the box office (it will) but because it just makes it easier to do so (as well as making it cheaper on viewers).

In the movie, Gal Gadot will be reprising her role and director of the first movie is currently in talks to return for the sequel. Which as a viewer (and fan of well made movies), I really do hope that Patty Jenkins is able to come back and direct the sequel.

Superman Year One?



Just as Frank Miller did for Batman back in 1987 with Batman: Year One, he seems to be planning to do the same for the big blue boy scout. The book is supposed to be about Pa Kent's finding of Clark up until his beginning as Superman, which will be interesting as this is Miller's first time writing for Superman outside of a Batman book. Now Superman's beginning years aren't something that isn't touched upon often, as just as recently as 2016 there was a story published by DC Comics titled "American Alien" by Max Landis that heavily focused on Clark's formative years.

Seeing how Miller characterizes Superman as a character of his own and not a supporting character to Batman will prove to be something of note seeing how the character has evolved through the Dark Knight trilogy. There isn't a proposed release date for the comic yet so we'll have to wait for an official announcement for Superman Year One.


Batman vs Superman (dark knight returns)


Professor Pyg Takes Center Stage

Gotham is going to be entering it's fourth season this fall and will seemingly focus on the scarecrow as the main villain of the season. Which will be pretty awesome to see as Scarecrow is a beloved character by fans despite how little he is used in comics nowadays. Granted he has had appearances in Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy as well as the Batman Arkham video games I find him to still be underutilized.


However Mr. Crane is not the reason I'm bringing up Gotham on this week's article, the reason is that they are integrating a newer Batman villain into the show. Professor Pyg who debuted back in 2007 during the first arc of "Batman and Robin" (where Dick Grayson was Batman) will be making an appearance on the show. Now whether he is a villain of the week or the focus of a small arc is unknown but no matter which avenue they decide to go with this, it will certainly be creepy and fit within the tone of how the show has operated for the last few seasons.

You can watch Gotham season 4 on it's new night, Thursday September 28th.



The DC Comic Cover of the Week

The recipient of the "Cover of the Week" goes out to a Rebirth title that not a lot of people seem to be reading, but is actually pretty decent, Hellblazer.


This cover is absolutely gorgeous, the aesthetic of Constantine being framed in a playing card and having the two parallel images almost like the "suicide king" where one is a detrimental picture of the character in question and the other side is not. My only slight gripe about the cover itself is that it isn't the variant and my reasoning for that is because I feel that it would be a much more attractive image if the arc title wasn't sitting above the image.

DC Comic of the Week

The DC comic of the Week is Flash #27 which seemingly wraps up the "Running Scared" arc between Barry Allen and his greatest enemy, Eobard Thawne. We pick up after the events of Flash #26 where Barry has been reinvigorated by Thawne's negative Speedforce which has made him a much angrier person. The two speedsters brawl with one another and Thawne does his trademark mocking of Barry as they do so. Dropping little lines about how happy he is to see Barry acting like this and about how they could do so many things "as friends"


Which Barry shuts that down real quick as he grabs Thawne by the back of his head and angrily shouts in this face


And then after exchanging some more blows between one another, Barry separates Thawen off from the negative Speedforce making it so that Thawne is unable to run (fastly that is). This doesn't stop Thawne from dropping more threats and villainous lines of dialogue, even threatening to kill Iris. Which Barry retorts back with a very...negative comment, exclaiming that he'll snap Thawne's neck.


The taunting continue from Thawne where he goes on about how killing Barry's mom isn't the worse thing he'll do to Barry by the time Barry dies, and that just like always, he will get his powers back and he will come back.

And that continues until...well Iris decides to cut Thawne off mid villainous banter


The book ends after Barry and Iris return to their time and seemingly go their separate ways. And as Barry walks into his crime lab alone, a text box pops up with excerpts from Eobard Thawne's foreword to "The Life and Times of the Flash, the World's Greatest Hero". And the text says "It's a shame, but I doubt I'll ever meet the Flash to tell him how I feel. That even though I had no one in my life, his sense of hope was a light in the darkness of the future. And as long as I had that, I was never alone." -Eobard Thawne.

Ironic right?

The Flash #27 gets an 8.5 out of 10

And that concludes the DC Week in Review for the week of July 27th of 2017. Let me know down in the comments what you think about the news we talked about today, and let me know what was your comic of the week. Until next time, it's time for me to vanish into the night mysteriously like a ghost...or a bat.



Yu-gi-oh! Code Of The Duelist Preview

Yu-gi-oh! Code Of The Duelist Preview

By: Dylan Ashcraft

Welcome Yugioh players, this is Uncanny!'s resident Yugioh player here to talk to you about the upcoming main set, Code of the Duelist which is the first big set of the Link era. A week back, Konami implemented Master Rule 4 into the TCG, which changes how the games works, including the introduction of Link monsters such as Decode Talker.

Just as I did for Maximum Crisis, I'm going to pick out a couple of key cards that are going to be released in CotD (as well as the sneak peek this weekend) and discuss them. Let's

Cards To Look For (and why):

Missus Radiant: 

Missus Radiant is one of those cards that takes a good deck that was hindered by Link summoning and brings it back up to where it was. Missus Radiant does an effective job of being the link monster that the Zoodiac deck will most likely find the most use out of seeing how Zoodiac Chakanine is a one card Missus Radiant. It allows the Zoodiac deck to do the combos it's known for, as the introduction of link summoning and the existence of a one card, "Extra Monster Zone" limited what all they could do. However now with a small amount of tweaking and an extra step, the deck can continue doing what it's supposed to do.

Spellbook of Knowledge: 

Spellbook support in 2017? Yes folks, the spellbook archetype will be getting new support in the form of Spellbook of Knowledge which is an incredibly useful draw card for the deck. However the thing that makes this deck even better now is the fact that it makes spellbooks into a splashable draw engine for other decks. What this card does is, you can send a spellcaster monster from your field to the graveyard or a "spellbook" card from your hand/field to the graveyard (except Spellbook of Knowledge) and draw 2 cards.

Heavy Storm Duster: 

You know that beloved quick-play spell card, Twin twister? Well this is if you took that card and removed the cost, which is...fun. What Heavy Storm Duster does is when activated you can target up to two spells/traps on the field and destroy them, however you can't conduct your battle phase that turn. However what makes this card really good is the fact that it's a reactive trap, meaning it can be activated during your opponent's turn so you wouldn't have to worry about the battle phase clause. And it works like Dimensional Barrier where if your opponent were to hit it with a Mystical Space Typhoon, Twin Twister, Master Peace effect or any type of back row removal, you can respond with it and activate its effect.

Lumina, Twilightsworn Shaman

The Lightsworns are back in Code of The Duelist, however this time they have a new layer of paint (and a slightly different mechanic). The Lightsworn cards have (almost) all gotten a slight retool into how they work, so with the original milling was the point of the deck, the playstyle seems to have changed to banishing monsters instead of sending to the graveyard. And this is in the attempt to bring out Punishment Dragon. I picked Lumina to be the one that I spotlight because she seems to have the best effect out of all the new Twilightsworn monsters so far. What she does is you can banish a "Lightsworn" monster from hand or graveyard to target a banished "Lightsworn" monster and special summon it. And then when a "Lightsworn" monster activates its effect you can mill three cards from the deck to the graveyard.

Firewall Dragon

The cover card of the set as well as the ace monster for the protagonist of the new anime; Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains, Firewall Dragon is an impressive Link monster. While relatively difficult to make as it is a Link 4, it's effect to bounce cards on the field back to the hand equal to as many monsters linked to it, is pretty impressive. And while it's not going to be the greatest card from the start (if Japan's meta shows us anything), it's still going to be crucial in Link centered decks. And the value and effectiveness of the card will only increase from here. There are a lot of amazing and interesting combos that one can do with the card in various decks, as well as some First Turn Kill combos.

Auram the World Chalice Blademaster

The World Chalice archetype is an upcoming Link central deck that comes out in Code of The Duelist, that makes great use of nearly every Link monster that is available to it. Cards like Link Spider, Decode Talker, and Firewall Dragon all see incredible use in this deck. Auram while not the boss monster of the World Chalice deck is incredibly important to the strategy of bringing out multiple Firewall Dragons as well as Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior who allows the player to draw for as many monsters linked to it. Auram's effect allows him to tribute one world chalice monster to special summon another monster from your graveyard meaning you can recycle various link monsters that are in your grave. He also gains 300 attack for each "World Legacy" card in your graveyard with different names.

Trickstar Reincarnation

How do you feel about burn decks? Because if you like them, this is going to be the deck for you. And if you hate them, this deck won't be a fun experience for you. As Trickstars are an archetype that burns you for trying to do pretty much anything. For an example, Trickstar Lycorissica deals 200 damage for every time you add a card to your hand. So that means you get damage dealt to you when you draw for turn. Now, Trickstar Reincarnation is a nasty (yet amazing) card because when activated it banishes every card in your opponent's hand and then forces them to draw a card for every card banished. Which means when done in a combo with Lycorissica you're burning your opponent for a solid chunk, potentially before they've even done anything.

Revendread Slayer

Zombies and rituals? Feels like those are two words that fit perfectly together in a comic book world, and well they fit pretty well together in a Yugioh sense as well. Vendreads are an upcoming TCG exclusive archetype where you focus on tributing tokens, your monsters, and your opponents monsters to bring out your boss monster. And the effect of your boss monster is pretty sweet; Once per battle, if this card battles an opponent's monster, during damage calculation (Quick Effect): You can banish 1 Zombie monster from your GY; this card gains 300 ATK (this is permanent). If this Ritual Summoned card is sent to the GY: You can add 1 Ritual Spell from your Deck to your hand, and if you do, send 1 "Vendread" monster from your Deck to the GY. You can only use this effect of "Revendread Slayer" once per turn. That's a pretty good effect.

What Decks Can I play these in?

Missus Radiant:

This card as mentioned earlier is going to primarily see use in the Zoodiac deck because of how many Earth monsters the deck runs (they pretty much are all Earth minus the hand traps). Other decks that feature a large amount of earth monsters will find use of the card as well, however it's going to pretty much be the Zoodiac Link monster. As for the rarity of the card, it's a super rare meaning it's going to be incredibly easy to get your hands on a playset.

Spellbook of Knowledge:

Oh god, this card can go in almost anything that isn't jam packed already. And what I mean by that is any deck that is able to fit squeezable engines into it because it doesn't primarily need a lot of its own archetype will find use out of it. An example of a deck that uses this engine really well is Windwitch Invoked, because it's essentially a deck made of various little engines that work really well together. Another deck the engine is finding a lot of use (in Japan) is True Dracos both in a pure variety as well as mixed together with the Windwitch Invoked deck. This engine is really strong and because of it not being a secret rare (it's an ultra) it will be much easier (and cheaper) to pick up.

Heavy Storm Duster:

This card is going to be really useful and splashable in a lot of decks as it does the same job as Twin Twisters except the user doesn't have to worry about paying a cost such as discarding. I feel like this card is going to find it's way into (at least) the side decks of every big meta deck in the upcoming format. The ability to destroy backrow is always a very useful thing, especially when True Draco Demise decks are running multiple variations of floodgates. Heavy Storm Duster is only a super and unless it gets short printed or receives the twin twister treatment the card shouldn't be too much money.

Lumina, Twilightsworn Shaman

This card is going to be very important for anyone who wants to play a Twilightsworn deck, and will find it's uses in a Lightsworn/Twilightsworn hybrid. Other than that, the card won't see much use outside of its own archetype as it doesn't synergize well enough with the Zombiesworn deck for it to be crammed in there. I don't believe this deck will make any big splashes in our meta as it's boss monster isn't necessarily that strong and it doesn't seem to have that card that makes the deck. Perhaps when the Twilightsworn version of Raiden is released, we will see the Twilghtsworn rise to relevance. Lumina is a secret rare meaning she will be much more difficult to obtain than the rest of the archetype however I don't think she will be too relatively expensive to purchase because once the hype settles down, people will realize the deck isn't doing much. At sneak peek, Lumina is most likely going to hover between $35-50 but I think she'll drop down to the $10-20 range after seeing how the deck performs in the meta.

Firewall Dragon:

Any link deck, for the most part that is. The card is going to be vastly important for World Chalice players as it's the card they try to get out multiple times on the first turn. This card is probably the hardest to predict because of the fact that there is no really strong link deck yet and because of it's possibility to get touched on an upcoming banlist because of it's potential FTK combos. While I don't believe the card will be banned outright, I feel like some sort of limitation would make sense because of how unhealthy FTK's can be in a TCG's metagame. Firewall is a secret rare as well as the cover card for the set and the ace monster for the protagonist meaning price range wise it's going to be expensive for a bit. Now, because it's the ace monster for the show's protagonist, this card is going to be reprinted a lot. However because of initial hype, I could see this card potentially floating around the $30-45 price range.

Auram the World Chalice Blademaster

This card is only playable in a World Chalice deck, and that's because it's summon condition is two "World Chalice" monsters. It's crucial to the World Chalice deck but because it's not splashable (unless World Chalice is splashed into another deck), it won't see much play outside of the pure world chalice deck. This card is a super rare, meaning like the others, it isn't going to be hard to come by after sneak peek. During the sneak peek weekend the card could sit around a $10 price range because of how crucial it is to the World Chalice deck, but after the release of the main set, this card won't be hard to come by at all.

Trickstar Reincarnation

This is the card that I believe will be the money card of the set because of the crazy things it can do. The ability to banish your opponent's entire hand is crazy because it can net your a lot of advantage. Oh your opponent just searched Master Peace, The True Dracoslaying King with the effect of Dragonic Diagram, activate Trickstar Reincarnation, banish it. You can do a lot with this card and the fact that it can go into pretty much any deck (it's not archetype exclusive) it can be a fantastic side deck card. It also works in Trickstar burn decks that utilize Dark Room of Nightmare as well as other cards. This is going to be an insane card when utilized at the right time. Price wise, I can see it going above $50 at sneak peek, and then settling down to $45 afterwards before slowly drifting down to $40.

Revendread Slayer

A card that has a lot of people excited because it works on it's own but it also can fit well with the Zombie Synchro deck. Primarily it'll see use in a Vendread focused deck but it can service as an interesting option within other Zombie decks. The viability of the deck in the meta will be interesting to see as they get more support over the next couple of sets (as all TCG exclusive archetypes do). There's a possibility for it to be the next Nekroz if all the support works well. Until then, we won't really see it too often in the meta besides maybe a few tops here and there. Couple that with the fact that it's a super rare, it means the card won't cost too much. The trap card on the other hand (which is a secret rare) might cost a pretty penny for a little while.

Those are the cards to look for in the next Yugioh set, "Code of the Duelist". There are certainly other cards of note within the set, such as the other Trickstar, Gouki, and World Chalice support.

You can buy Code of the Duelist packs upon release at your local Uncanny!

IMBIBE Issue #15: American Monster with BigFoot Ale

IMBIBE Issue #15: American Monster with BigFoot Ale

This blog post is intended for readers 21 and older.

By Rob McFee

This Week's Pairing:


"American Monster" Volume One "Sweetland" - Written by Brian Azzarello- Art by Juan Doe- Published by AfterShock Comics

Bigfoot Ale-Barleywine style- 9.6% Alcohol By Volume (ABV)- Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., CA & NC, USA

This pairing really needs no introduction, Brian Azzarello's "American Monster" with Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale; an "American Monster" for an American monster.

Bigfoot is prized by beer collectors for its supreme cellarability. Under the proper conditions, it can age like a fine wine, developing new flavors and character as it matures in the bottle. My sampling was from the 2013 stock.

At first pour the color is a deep amber almost reddish brown, that comes to a thin off white head with minimal lacing. The aroma is sweet with a hoppy twang. The taste is bitter at first sip then sweetens up as you continue to imbibe, but please pace yourself the 9.6% ABV will definitely sneak up on you and you'll need your full faculties for this pairing,especially the for the reveal. Dun-Dun-Dunnnn!


"American Monster" is authentic Azzarello, if you've read any of his other masterpieces ("100 Bullets", "Dark Knight III Master Race") then you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't make the time to do so, you will not be disappointed. I wish I could go into detail about how good this comic is, but to do so may reveal too much; so in lieu of that here's a cool picture of the main character and a blurb about the story...


"The ugliest side of humanity may be humanity's only hope."

In a small Midwestern town, a large man with a horribly scarred face gets off a bus, and takes a room. He spooks the locals-nobody knows him-or do they? It's impossible to say be-cause he seemingly has no face. The man's intentions remain unknown, until he takes on a corrupt sheriff and the rural crew of racist arms dealers. The town's impression of the man changes, and he's seen as a hero...until his real intentions bubble to the surface...


The art of Juan Doe is phenomenal, his ability to capture motion is second to none, and his page composition creates an incredible flow of action where at times you'll  feel as if you're watching a movie. Only a handful of comic artists have been able to achieve this effect, Doe is among them. So good.

The next time you feel the need to mix a little myth with mayhem, give our Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot, Barleywine Style Ale and Aftershock's "American Monster" pairing a try.

Until next week read and consume responsibly.


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Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin

Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin

by Dustin M. Best

Why hello, you. It's so nice to see you again, how have you been? Living your Summer life? Good. 

So much has happened since I last saw you.

I've finally settled my weekend long geek out enough to form coherent enough sentences without....errrggghhhhh.....I'mmmm.....

Ok. I'm fine. It's fine. Jog it off.

Needless to say, the San Diego Comic Con provided us with a bevvy of show stealing footage across all platforms and media houses. From Netflix to DC to Marvel, everyone had a very strong showing and I think to myself...what a wonderful comic lover life. Less talk, more action...let the MARVEL TIDBITS ROLL HIGH!

Got That Fire

I will go ahead and step out on an Asgardian limb and pretend like you've already seen this 86 times. Like some people I know, or may in fact be. But, by the ferocious fang of the Fenris wolf, that was one fantastic voyage!

Thor: Ragnarok looks to take a note right out of the Guardians of the Galaxy playbook and further links the Marvel cosmic realm to Midgard (or Earth for those not in on the Asgardian lingo). The upcoming battle against the almighty Thanos seems a ton more realistic now that we've established that Hulk can in fact smash on other planets...and also form sentences apparently.

The reveal of Loki "joining" Thor's side is a very sly move and his true intentions should hopefully be made clear heading into Infinity War. Will he play the part that Mephisto played throughout the comic-based event Infinity Gauntlet? I could see that as more likely than Peter Fonda showing up. 

The point of the story is, the new look Hemsworth Thor looks completely bad ass and offers a refreshing take on his character. While Mjolnir may be destroyed, for now at least, Thor will have to rely on more than just his Godly Lightning and begin to rely on those who may not necessarily trust...like Loki. I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Valkyrie, Skurge, Hela and the Grandmaster of life...Jeff Goldblum...all look as captivating as I can anticipate.

We also got our first glimpse at who I'll assume is Korg, a rocky warrior seen in the comic event, Planet Hulk. Korg is of the alien species Kronan which have been established twice now in MCU flicks namely Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Albeit the movie adaption shows Korg being blue, which makes sense seeing as how his typical orange appearance would cause a load of Thing confusion. 

Surtur was also shown at the very end of the trailer and looking to be on the wrong side of a Hulk bashing. Like there is a right side huh? Surtur is the king of fire giants and has been a menance in the comic scene since first appearing in 1963. What role will he have next to Hela? November 3rd sure can't come soon enough to find out!


Defending The Chill Zone


The second The Defenders trailer also found its way into our Netflix loving hearts and showcases a slew of characters and a whole 'nother world than what we have grown used to in he greater movie MCU. The sheer vastness of characters coming together after 5 individual series has my Marvel-geek sense tingling. Foggy, Karen, Malcolm, Colleen, Claire, Misty and more...oh yeahhhh!

The Defenders continues to build around the fact that Matt, Jessica, Luke and Danny have all lived in the same city, experienced the same villainy and gone through their fair share of personal trials and tribulations. It's Stick that ends up pulling the four together, with I'm assuming help from super nurse extraordinaire, Claire Templeton. In one scene from the trailer, we see all four with Stick surrounding a presumed dead body...and Daredevil without his mask on. That's a lot of gusto you got there Matt, and shows a ton of trust in your new found team. 

Sigourney Weaver makes her MCU debut as Alexandria, whom Sigourney admits is less "villain" and more "adversary" according to Entertainment Weekly. All we know as of now is that Alexandria is the leader of an ancient organization.

The Defenders premiers on Netflix come August 18th!

90's Marvel Baby

Albeit with a release date of March 2019, Marvel released some gnarly news regarding the Brie Larson led Captain Marvel. Not only will Captain Marvel star MCU legend, Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury...Nick will also have both eyes this time around! Oh, did I mention that this film will be set during the one hit wonder laiden 1990's! Now you see what I'm aiming at?

Oh...and these pesky little dudes as the main antagonist...


That's right...Skrulls! This shape-shifting alien species has played a pivotal part in several Marvel Comics storylines, including the comic event Secret Invasion where Skrulls infiltrated several high ranking and super organizations in an attempt to take over Earth. 

So, a Captain Marvel piece set in the 1990's featuring a young SHIELD Agent in Nick Fury and the space breed whom can disguise themselves as anyone (even Jennifer Lawrence) in the Skrulls. I am 110% in with Carol Danvers.

Comic of the Week

royals kree inhumans marvel

I very well could have went with Secret Empire #6, however going with each issue in the phenomenal 10 part Marvel event just seems unfair. So you have the vastly underrated Inhumans title, Royals! 

The 5th issue brings us the culmination of meeting Ronin the Accuser on the Kree home world of Hala from issue #4 and the truth behind the Terrigen Mists. Seeing the Inhuman Royal Family stand up to Ronin and reason with him is a work of beauty. The artwork of Jonboy Meyers has also grown on me since initially laying eyes upon the Royals series solicitations and blends in perfectly with writer Al Ewing's cosmic story telling. 

Be sure to pick up this series next time you are in your local Uncanny!

Song of the Week

Spot on Louis Armstrong, it is indeed a wonderful world where we seek to appreciate its magnificence. Did little Marvel fan boy Dustin ever imagine in the early 90's that he'd be seeing all of his favorite Marvel characters appearing on the big screen, or small screen for that matter? I really thought the closest I'd get is the Generation X pilot that Fox ordered. Now we are on the verge of some major Marvel storylines played out only in my day dreams. What a wonderful world indeed.

This concludes this week's Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin, stay tuned next week where I'm sure there will be even more bites left from San Diego Comic Con and where my Comic of the Week may or may not be Secret Empire #7. Until then...keep it light!

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The DC Week In Review w/Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/Dylan
The DC Week In Review w/Dylan
By: Dylan Ashcraft

Hello hello folks, it's time to tune up the band and listen to some sweet chin music as we take a look at the news regarding everyone's favorite blue brand, no not you Smackdown, Dc Comics. This is a big week for Comic Book fans of every nature as San Diego Comic Con is happening right now. And because of the fact that this article was written before the event ended, I apologize if I missed any major news from the event. Now let's elbow drop our way into the news.

Justice League Trailer

So we got a brand new trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie and from a cinematic standpoint it was visually interesting without a doubt. And from the comic book standpoint it looks like perhaps Snyder stepped his game up with this one. Now I'm not someone who aggressively bashes Snyder's prior movies (Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice) because I feel that while they were problematic they were still enjoyable. However inside the trailer itself we got to see (and hear) a lot of interesting and promising things from Cyborg utilizing his powers to the introduction of Steppenwolf who looks to be the big bad of the movie.

The part that piqued my interest the most was when an bodiless voice said the line "No protectors here, no lanterns, no Kryptonian, this world will fall, like all the others". and I'm not going to lie to you, the part of that dialogue that gets me the most excited is the bit about the lack of lanterns. And it gets me all giddy with joy because I really want to see Hal/John/Kyle pop up in this movie and join up with the league. The Kryptonian part isn't as intriguing because we already know that Supes is coming back sometime in the film (pictures of Cavill in costume on set). Check out the trailer and let me know what you think about it!

Also that rooftop bit with Gordon and the League was pretty quality for comic book comedy.

Young Justice Season 3 Team Revealed

Guys, it's happening. The Young Justice season 3 train seems to be on the rails and rolling out of the station because we just got (visual) confirmation on who is going to make up the team this season. There's going to be the expected returning characters while also some brand new faces this time around. So from left to right we've got Static Shock, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Blue Beetle, 13, Artemis, Speedy, and Beast Boy. Now if that awesome team doesn't get you excited than maybe this little bit of news that came from the event will.

Because YJ: Outsiders is not going to be a cable program and instead will be airing on a streaming service (Netflix), the show will be more inclined to a mature nature this time around. Exciting right?

The Flash Solo Movie Has a Title

And it's Flashpoint.

If you stop into Uncanny! At the King of Prussia mall and ask anyone who works with me, they will tell you that I'm a big fan of the Flash, and so when they announce that there will be a Barry Allen Flash solo movie, I get a little excited. Because I'm of the mindset that there's so many things you can do with a Flash movie, the Rogues, Grodd, Thawne, Abra Kadabra, various speedsters, Shade, the Suicide Squad, and many others. But there's one thing I think they shouldn't start off a Flash movie franchise with, and that's Flashpoint.

Yes, Flashpoint the big major DC event from (around) six years back where Barry Allen screwed up time and Wonder Woman and Aquaman went to war with one another while also featuring appearances from Batman (Thomas Wayne), Reverse Flash, and other characters like Grifter. It's too big a movie to do right at the start of a movie franchise. While I have hopes the movie can be a lot of fun and done really well, I'll always have the mindset that they shouldn't do Flashpoint first. It'd be like doing Blackest Night for a reboot Green Lantern movie, it's just a lot to do at first.

Duke Thomas Gets His Own Book

It's been a big last couple of months for Duke Thomas, he's gotten his own superhero name, super powers, and his own book. Now while I don't personally care too much about any of that, I know someone out there is excited at Mr. Thomas getting his own story. As Signal, Duke will be working as a daytime hero in Gotham and will be doing the things that Batman won't be able to do, like stop people from robbing banks in the middle of the day as Bats is probably asleep at that point.

The book will be written by someone from DC's new writer workshop, who has been working closely with Scott Snyder. It'll be interesting to see what all happens with Mr. Thomas in the Dark Days: Metal affairs that will be happening to the DC Universe in the coming months. Expect an announcement regarding the title soon.

DC Cover of the Week

The cover of the week goes to Aquaman #26 which is an absolutely stunning cover featuring Mera on it. The art on the cover is done by Stjepan Sejic who also does the interior art on the book. I've been a fan of this series' covers for awhile with a lot of the variant covers being some of my favorite comic book covers from the last year. And it's nice to see Sejic doing the art on the inside of the book now as well because while I personally prefer strong writing over strong art, Sejic's art will make me read nearly any book.

DC Comic of the Week

This week' comic of the week is Superman #27 where Superman and his lovely family go out on a long deserved vacation. And after the events of the last several arcs for the Superman book, it's nice to enjoy a relaxing one off road trip with Clark, Jon, and Lois.

There's not too much to the book, just a lot of feel good family moments between the three, and a lot of pride for America and it's day of Independence. My favorite moment in the book came towards the end where the Kent family buys dinner for an injured war veteran, and when the hostess attempts to throw the veteran out for reasons of him being a homeless man, Clark comes to defend him. It's just a happy feel good book, and it's nice to get those every once in awhile in comics. There was no action, no drama, no conflict, just three members of a happy family having a long deserved vacation.

Superman #27 receives an 7.5 out of 10

That's the end of the article folks, it's time to pack your bags and head home, or if you're already home, pull out a new comic and have a relaxing read because while we might not all save the Earth on a near daily basis, like Superman, everyone deserves a nice little vacation every once in awhile. Until next time, enjoy a completely unrelated gif. Goodnight folks. 

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