Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin

Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin
By Dustin M. Best
If you're reading this, it's too are already encompassed by this week's edition of Marvel Tidbits. Don't panic, you may end up enjoying an upcoming movie, tv show, comic or song that you would have never heard about otherwise...except for right here with me, Dustin. THE CREATOR.
Not an elder of the universe.
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You're looking animated Spidey

 For those of you with young kids running around, or just want something to sink into, Marvel has released the sneak peek for the upcoming "Marvel's Spider-Man" series. The sneak peek looks to draw heavily, in terms of costume and personality, from the new "Spider-Man: Homecoming" live action flick courtesy of Sony. The show will be debuting on Disney XD sometime this summer!

Spotting the Sun

marvel sunspot new mutants x-men

While not a newcomer to X-Men films (see X-Men: Days of Future Past), Sunspot will re-debut in the upcoming X-Men: New Mutants spin-off. In just released news, 13 Reasons Why star Henry Zaga will be taking on this white-hot role! Seemingly a perfect fit for the brash, Brazilian mutant who can absorb and dispense solar power. Awesome!

henry zaga 13 reasons why sunspot marvel new mutants

Comic of the Week

thanos marvel comic of the week

This week's must read Marvel comic of the week is Thanos #7. The first issue of the next Thanos story arch is heavy on the aftermath of Thanos #6 and all so light on dialogue. Jeff Lemire relies on the aesthetically pleasing artistic combo of penciler German Peralta and colorist Rachelle Rosenburg to depict the broken and depowered Thanos of Titan. The words are few but the emotional resonance is plentiful in what continues to be one of my favorite Marvel series currently out. Keep it cosmic!

 Song of the Week

Speaking of keeping it cosmic, this week's Song of the Week is courtesy of Reggae Rock band, Iration. "Fly With Me" is the perfect summer song to accompany that Guardians of the Galaxy mindset.

Hope you enjoy this week's Marvel Tidbits with Dustin! Keep it cosmically Uncanny!

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