Marvel Tidbits With Dustin

Marvel Tidbits With Dustin
By Dustin M. Best


Welcome to this week's Marvel Tidbits! It is I, Dustin, with those nuggets of Marvel knowledge that bless your happy meal accompanied with a side of music for your day and a refreshment on what you should be reading! That's a fine combo meal right there.


Rich Buckler, Rest In Peace

deathlok marvel rich buckler

Starting on a somber note is never fun, with that being said, the Uncanny! family is sad to hear about the loss of artist Rich Buckler. Co-creator of Marvel cult favorite character, Deathlok, Rich also made artistic contributions to DC as well as a solid run on Fantastic Four through the 70's.

fantastic four marvel rich buckler

Thanks for everything Rich, your artistic contributions will live on forever!

Agents of...SWORD?

For those Agents of Shield viewers...that ending though! The season finale brought us perhaps the most complete episode of SHIELD yet, wrapping up multiple storylines while bringing us to tears...thanks Mack! The last scene of Season 4 plunges us forward into what is sure to be a grandiose Season 5 and likely introduces SWORD into the MCU.

agents of sword marvel shield

Agents of S.W.O.R.D?

For those who don't know, SWORD is basically the sister agency to SHIELD, only it operates in Earth's orbit and monitors galactic threats. The kind of threats that can only lead to larger and fiercer foes while paralleling Marvel's Infinity War movie coming in 2018. The only question will be if Marvel actually owns the rights to SWORD since the organization debuted in the pages of Astonishing X-Men. Time will tell and the next season cannot come soon enough! To space!

Bane of Venom

hardy bane venom tom spider-man

My Spider-Sense did not see this casting news coming (partly because it doesn't exsist)...Tom Hardy as Venom in his very own solo movie targeting an October, 2018 release from Sony. As a comic geek, how sweet does it get to go from Bane to Venom? I mean almost as awesome as going from Thanos to Cable, right Josh Brolin?

The giant elephant in the room in light of this news, is the fact that this Venom will not be tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So whatever happens with Spider-Man Homecoming, will not be woven into the story of the strictly Sony Venom movie. As even the most casual Marvel reader knows, the history of Venom goes hand in hand with Spidey lore. Some would say, there is no Venom without the spectacular web slinger.

I personally will give this time to air out,'s not this hot mess:

venom topher grace spider-man

Comic of the Week

secret empire 2

Secret Empire #2 hit shelves this past week and it just keeps swinging! This issue impressed with Miles being so forthright regarding the visions that most of the heroes experienced during Civil War II courtesy of Inhuman, Ulysses. The vision?

miles morales spiderman captain america steve rogers secret empire

Miles Spidey sure seems intent on meeting his fate head on in Washington DC along with Black Widow who has turned her feeling of betrayment into pure resentment for Hydra Steve Rogers. This issue doesn't just leave those two to go out on their own, the rest of The Champions follow Mile's lead as well. The younger group just won't fracture and in-fight, unlike their older Avenger peers, and seems willing to take the fight to the man.

The issue ends with a mysterious figure showing face, saving a damsel in distress from those dastardy Serpeant Society foes. I will leave that spoiler out, but it is now becoming a trend having alternate heroes showing popping up out of no where across Marvel titles recently (See X-Men Blue #1 & Unworthy Thor #5).

wolverine x-men blue

Song of the Week

Another highly talented artist passed this past week in Chris Cornell, front man of grunge scene pioneers Soundgarden and later Audioslave. In lieu of his passing, this week's Song of the Week is Soundgarden "Live to Rise" from Marvel's The Avengers. Very fitting to keep fighting and "live to rise".

 Until next week, keep on Marveling!

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