You're Not Alone Anti-Bullying Fundraiser

You're Not Alone Anti-Bullying Fundraiser

Real Women of Gaming is a group of gamers who provide gaming and nerd related entertainment to fans across the globe. Founded in July 2013, Real Women of Gaming was comprised of women who wanted to celebrate female gamers and combat the stereotype of the “Fake Gamer Girl.” Today, we are a diverse group of people trying to make a difference.


In 2014, Crymson Pleasure, the founder of Real Women of Gaming, heard the heartbreaking story of a friend’s daughter being bullied in school. Having been the victim of bullying herself, Crymson decided to share her own story to let this young woman know that she’s not alone. In doing this, an idea was born. As many within the gaming and nerd communities experience bullying, we decided there was no better way to celebrate gaming than giving back to the very community we love.


The first You’re Not Alone Anti-Bullying Fundraiser was held at Uncanny! in

King of Prussia, PA, on July 18, 2015. Two years running, this event has featured live music, gaming, a presentation from Vince Joseph’s Self-Protection Systems, many cos-players, a raffle and a showing of the video titled “You’re Not Alone,” which was filmed and created by Real Women of Gaming and our fans. In 2016, we raised over $500 for STOMP Out Bullying. This year, we’re looking to raise even more for Teach Anti Bullying, Inc.


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