DC Week In Review w/Dylan

DC Week In Review w/Dylan
The DC Week In Review w/Dylan
Hello there fans of DC Comics, how are you on this fine day? Great you say, well that's just wonderful. As always we're going to be taking a gander at the news, review a comic, and look at the cover of the week. 
Batman Metal Covers
DC recently revealed two covers for "Batman: The Red Death" and "Batman: The Murder Machine" which are titles that tie into the big upcoming Scott Snyder event "Dark Nights: Metal" where we will see the Dark Multiverse in action. Now we've talked about the two prequel comics on prior "DC Week In Reviews" but we haven't actually talked much about the covers for the comics, and let me tell you this Batman: Red Death cover is absolutely gorgeous, the design for the evil BatFlash (copyright pending) is impeccable. The look of the bat symbol broken up with a black lightning bolt is interesting as unlike Batman/Superman we haven't seen the combination of the Bat and Flash symbols (in canon) before. 
The cover for The Murder Machine is less appealing and personally to me seems a little cluttered. It's a relatively busy image where we see the Justice League doing battle with an evil Batman and his Evil Bat Tank of Murder (copyright pending). As you can see The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg are being struck with bolts of pixelating energy (reference to Pixels maybe?). Perhaps when pixelated they get sucked into the Murder Machine. 
"Batman: The Red Death" goes on sale September 20th while "Batman: The Murder Machine" goes on sale the 27th. 
Who Is Going to Direct Suicide Squad 2?
Not Jaume Collet-Serra that's for sure. 
The sequel to the not-so-hit DC comics movie "Suicide Squad" is currently in need of a director and no one seems to be wanting to hop on this ship. Director Jaume Collet-Serra who recently directed the movie "The Shallows" is the most recent to turn down steering the helm for this film. WB is currently seeking a director and might be for some time. 
Superman In Justice League?
What a surprise. 
I mean a poster came out advertising the upcoming Justice League movie that is getting released later this year and guess whose on it. Not Zod, he's dead. Now Superman however, you know the Kryptonian who died at the end of the last movie where we had this whole emotional funeral scene. Yeah he's in this movie. Now granted, this was common knowledge, we all knew he was coming back but this is the first time that DC has really been open about his return in the movie. 
The big blue boy scout is flying high and proud above the rest of the League (like he's better, totally entitled Kryptonians. Am I right?) while the remainder of the poster features absolutely glorious renditions of the team members. That Flash pose? With the blue lightning? 
DC Cover of the Week
Batman #27 is the choice for cover of the week, as Uncanny!'s local artist Brandt had these words to say about the cover:
"Exquisite"-Brandt (local artist) (copyright pending).
Fine word Brandt fine word, now to expand on his comment lets nit pick the cover for it's miniscule notable inconstancies. The main glaring problem is that on the inner bounds of each playing card there is a thick solid black line which differs from about every other contour line in the image. It's harder to notice on the faces of both Riddler and the Joker, although if you look to the outer most line of the playing card the Joker is drawing, it isn't as stark of a line. It seems to be drawn with a pen textured digital brush of some sort, which really throws off the piece as a whole. Next issue with the cover is the lack of consistency from the illustrator to the colorist. They have applied a mostly opaque green tinted splotch (Correct term) over the sides of both the Joker and Riddler's faces. It becomes apparent as it proceeds to fall down off the face of the Joker all the way down to his thumb.
Despite all this, the cover is still rather remarkable and certainly deserving to be the cover of the week. 
I want to thank, the local artist, Brandt one more time, for his rather exquisite comment. 
DC Comic of the Week
This week's comic of the week goes to Sam Humphries "Green Lanterns" which has been a rather good series through and through (and if you haven't checked it out yet I really do suggest reading at least the first two volumes). This is issue 28 of the Rebirth run and part two of the current arc.
The issue starts off with a little backstory featuring a Kryptonian Green Lantern and how she got the ring. Now you might be like "But aren't all Kryptonians dead besides Supes and his sister and that other fella Zod." Yes, pretty much. But this takes place before they all die. 
Which I have to say, the inside of this book is absolutely stunning, the coloring and washes of green are beautiful. Each character comes to life in their own unique green aura and rock the page. As for the story of the book, as this is only part two we haven't yet gotten into the meat of the arc and thus it'll take another issue or so for it to truly get rolling.
However we were able to see the "First seven" Green Lanterns, and the splash page where they show up is an awesome moment.
I'm excited to see how this arc plays out as this series has been one that I've been following closely since the lanterns first battle with Atrocitus.
Green Lanterns #28 gets a 7.0 out of 10
That's it folks! That's the end of the article until next week where I return with more DC related news and topics to talk about. What was your comic of the week and who do you think should direct Suicide Squad 2? Arrivederci mi amici!

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