The DC Week In Review w/ Dylan "Metal"

The DC Week In Review w/ Dylan "Metal"
By: Dylan Ashcraft
Welcome all to the DC Week In Review where as always we take a splendid journey through the DC happenings of the week. We'll talk about some news, look at a particularly pretty comic cover, and review a comic book. 
Batman "The Red Death" Preview
So the Scott Snyder super mega Batman storyline "Dark Knights Metal" has a couple of spin off titles (and when I say couple, I mean a lot), including one for the Dark Multiverse's BatFlash (copyright pending). The character has an absolutely gorgeous design and it looks like the interior art for the book is going to be the same.
Personally this is the only tie in to the event that I'm excited to read because I feel like a super brutal Batman with super speed could make for an interesting read. Check out the preview below!
 BatLantern Origin Story
The evil Green Lantern of the Dark Multiverse has recently received an origin story through the titles' preview and I have to say, it's pretty cool. It's not vastly different than the typical Batman origin where Bruce's parents get gunned down in Crime Alley, but this time instead of Bruce sitting back and doing nothing...well I'll let you see for yourself. 
That's just...aggressive, very very aggressive. Which begs the question, why is Bruce a Green Lantern and not a Red? I mean he's obviously infused with a lot of rage, so it would make sense. You would think that the emotion you would feel after seeing your parents get killed would either be anger or fear, but I guess we will see when the full issue is released. 

DC Cover of the Week 
Speaking of yellow lanterns, it seems by the cover of this week's Superman #29 that the big blue boyscout has exchanged the red and blue for a yellow and black attire. Which I think looks great on him personally especially with the addition of the Yellow Lantern shining bright front and center. Also having the Sinestro Corps oath looking like it's emitting from the Lantern itself is a wonderful visual. 
DC Comic of the Week 
I'm not really sure how to feel about this book, don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but it doesn't strike me as one of those books I'm going to remember for years. Dark Nights Metal #1 is interesting but not in the way that it's  prequel comics were. Dark Days the Forge and the Casting were two of my favorite Bat-Related comics of the year, but when it came to this issue, it sorta fell flat for me. 
The book was strange and didn't really seem to progress the event as a whole, which can be understandable, not every big event's first book needs to end with a character getting slaughtered (looking at most Marvel events). However my interest level flat lined after finishing the book. Even the shock appearance of a Neil Gaiman character couldn't bring my intrigue level back up. Again, not saying the book is bad, it's just not remarkable. There are a few cool sequences with the gladiatorial death fight and Batman riding a dinosaur.
I feel like at the moment, this book struggles to have an identity, is it a Batman book, a Justice league book, or a Power Rangers title?
I will also say that Greg Capullo's art is one of my favorite things about the book and it really makes me wish he was the artist on a Flash book right now. 
All in all, Dark Nights Metal #1 is an okay book, it wasn't something that I loved but I also didn't hate the book. 

Dark Knights Metal #1 gets a 6.5 out of 10. 
And that's it folks, that wraps up this week's DC Week In Review. Let me know down in the comments what you think of Dark Knights Metal, was I too harsh on it, did I miss something special about it? Until next time, this is Dylan, signing off. 
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