Uncanny! Insider: The Button Part Two Review

Uncanny! Insider: The Button Part Two Review

By Dylan Ashcraft

DC’s Comic event “The Button” continued with the latest installment of “The Flash” comic series. We’re picking up off the incredible cliffhanger from “Batman” #21 where Flash sped into the Batcave to find a battered Batman and an electrified Professor Zoom.

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While Batman #21 contained a lot of violence, Flash #21 went the reverse route and featured a lot more dialogue and introspective thought. The issue started off with Barry Allen conducting an investigative report on the death of Eobard Thawne, noting the immense amount of radiation coming off of the body. The radiation was connected to the button (the Comedian’s pin from “Watchmen”), however Barry notes that the radiation on Thawne’s body exceeds the amount of radiation that the button could exert itself.

Another interesting note from the investigation was how Thawne’s body was doused in traces of Barry’s Speed force, which differs from the one that Thawne utilizes as Professor Zoom. Barry, after briefly speaking to Bruce, dons his costume and races over to the Hall of Justice which this scene serves as a fun easter egg hunt for long time DC comics fans.

A few of the rather interesting pieces inside of the “Hall of Lost and Found” include Skeets, Martian Manhunter’s classic outfit, and Hourman’s time ship. But probably the most interesting of all, is the cosmic treadmill which Flash makes his way to. He quickly explains how the treadmill helps Wally and himself travel through time, and then as he is about to climb onto the treadmill, Batman drags himself over to Barry and informs him that he is coming along as well.

Barry tells Bruce to not let go and as they start to race through time, they begin seeing visions of the other timelines. Which to comic book fans, are different continuities that we’ve all already read. An example of this is the different formation of the Justice League.

And then, when the cosmic treadmill explodes and drops them off in an unfamiliar timeline, the readers get dropped off at another massive cliffhanger. Flash and Batman land in a familiar location, the Batcave, but it’s more akin to the one Bruce had when he first became the Batman. However, there’s a piece in a glass case that Bruce never recovered from a crime scene, the gun that killed his parents. Another individual soon enters the scene...and we see Thomas Wayne, the Batman from Flashpoint, who gets to interact with his son for the first time since Bruce’s death (in the Flashpoint timeline).

Another massive cliffhanger to cap off another stellar installment of “The Button”. How will the two Batmen interact with one another after getting to finally see each other after decades of one being dead in the other’s timeline? What point in the Flashpoint universe have Bruce and Barry been dropped off in? Will Thomas mention how Martha became the Joker in the Flashpoint universe? All of these questions will be answered in the next issue of the Button, which picks up in “Batman” #22.

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