Weekly Marvel Tidbits with Dustin

Weekly Marvel Tidbits with Dustin

By Dustin M. Best

It's Sunday, which means not only is today your weekly Marvel tidbits featuring, I...Dustin; it is also Mother's Day! So Happy Mother's Day to those who take the time to be a mother figure in someone's life; you truly are appreciated in every sense of the word.

Unless you are trying to conquer the world like Madame Hydra...then again it is villain's month at Uncanny!

aida shield madame hydra marvel agents

Speaking of everyone's favorite ex-LMD turned flesh, free thinking Madame Hydra...

Agents of SHIELD...renewed!

Just ahead of the Season 4 season finale of Agents of SHIELD, comes news that we are in fact being blessed with a Season 5! My Blackheart is filled with happiness...which does not make much sense...unlike this renewal.

I was one, like many, who had originally dropped the show off of my Marvel viewing list 4 episodes into Season 1. Feeling that it was more disheveled than any Superior Foes of Spider-Man plan, I lost interest. Then one dark, snowy winter night I submerged myself into the 3-4 episodes I had cast by the wayside. Much to my delight, SHIELD found its footing, its pace and started to distinguish Fitz & Simmons as actually not being one in the same.

Like a giddy level 1 agent on their first field assignment, I have remained enthralled with the show. Never in my life would I have anticipated catching Deathlok, Absorbing Man, Lash, Mr. Hyde and more on my television screen...on a weekly running show.

So thank you Marvel for continuing to make this fanboy's dreams come true, onward to the Season 4 finale and thankfully not a series finale!

 Game On, New Mutants

 Once again, plundering from the vast Game of Thrones cast, Marvel officially pulls in Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane. Not to be forgotten because she is one of my favorite X-Men of all time, Illyana Rasputin (the younger sister of Colossus...comrade), is set to debut and will be played by Anya Taylor-Joy. The concept sketches courtesy of Uncanny! favorite artist, Phil Noto, show how true to form these characters will be from their New Mutants source material.

new mutants magik wolfsbane marvel


Marvel Comic Pick of the Week

avengers doom nadia wasp noto phil marvel

 This week's Marvel pick of the week is Avengers #7 featuring none other than reformed super villain, Victor Von Doom as the Infamous Iron Man. Phil Noto takes over as artist from Del Mundo who drew the first 6 issues of this wonderfully artistic series.

Victor comes to the Avengers aid when he discovers mystical energy radiating from the Susan Storm Leadership Camp. The reaction to meeting the new Iron Man is wonderfully done as most of the team has the reaction to fight Doom Iron Man where as Nadia (aka The Wasp) geeks out hard seeing one of her science heroes. The playful banter between the two carries through this issue as Nadia is the main source of help as she most resembles a teenage camper.

This book has been absolutely worth checking out on its own, but add in Doom? Yes, please! Make sure to pick up the Infamous Iron Man series as well to further delve into the villain to hero transformation that Victor is undergoing!

Song of the Week

 A few weeks late to the Spidey party I am. But at least I found this gem courtesy of the Nerdist. This spectacular song of the week is swell enough to make even the most serious Spider-Man fan crack a smile.

Enjoy your week and stay tuned until next week's Marvel Tidbits with Dustin!

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