Building The Secret Empire

Building The Secret Empire

by Dustin M. Best

As a loyal, dedicated Uncanny! Insider I am sure that you have seen smatterings of Secret Empire propaganda across our social media platforms. If you are not connected with us there, the secret username is uncannyonline on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you haven’t kept up with current Captain America – Steve Rogers storylines, then proceed with caution as the spoilers will flow. Reader beware, I’m about to ruin your views on the stars and stripes rocking Marvel super-hero.

The Steve Rogers that we know and love, has been altered by the mad minds of Hydra into their top-secret All-American weapon. This occurs during the Pleasant Hill storyline which saw SHIELD create a village for former villains whose reality was altered by Hydra created Kobik, a young girl who is the living embodiment of the cosmic cube! In short, Captain’s history was re-written as an undercover Hydra operative operating in the same space that he has been occupying amongst the Avengers and Shield.

It turns out Steve Rogers has been orchestrating the events of the Marvel Universe leading to a complete Hydra takeover. This is no run of the mill Steve Rogers, this is a man whose agenda trumps all ideologies and will go to no small measure to invoke his Hydra based beliefs.

Jack Flag? Pushed out the airplane minus parachute... “Hail Hydra”. (Jack later dies when his family decides to unplug his life support…after Steve goes to finish the job by attempting to poison him).

The death of Bruce Banner in the Civil War II storyline was thanks in large part to the manipulating set in play by Rogers. That USB that showed up at Bruce Banner’s residence prodding him to experiment on himself? All a set up by Steve Rogers to further divide Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

How about Red Skull? The most notorious leader in the history of Hydra?

Pushed out a window after Rodgers once again manipulated events leading to his former team, the Uncanny Avengers, to capture and remove Charles Xavier’s brain from the Red Skull.

So now here we are, the week of Secret Empire #0 and I am positive that more mayhem will ensue as Cap’s secret agenda comes closer to fruition.

Pick up the following books for a smattering of back reading!

  • Captain America: Steve Rogers Hail Hydra TP Volume 1
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers Trial of Maria Hill TP Volume 2  
  • Civil War II Fallout TP
  • Uncanny Avengers Unity Civil War II Volume 3

Pick up these comics, out now, for the start of Secret Empire and read in the following order:

  • Captain America: Sam Wilson #21
  • Uncanny Avengers #22
  • U.S.Avengers #6
  • Thunderbolts #12
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers #16
  • Secret Empire #0

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