DC Week In Review w/Dylan

DC Week In Review w/Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/Dylan

By: Dylan Ashcraft

Hello! Welcome, I’m glad you stopped by to this week’s DC Week In Review where we take a look at some news for upcoming DC releases and take a look at my pick for DC comic of the week. And this week will also be the introduction of a small new little bit, the DC cover of the week.

Batman and Harley Quinn Spend a Night at the Theater

The upcoming animated film “Batman and Harley Quinn” which will act as what I can only assume is the strangest of animated buddy cop films is going to be present in the theaters for one night only.

Now this has been the precedent that’s been set for the big animated releases, or at the very least the Bruce Timm related ones. Because when they did Batman: The Killing Joke they actually did the same thing, one night in theater showing. Which I actually attended and let me tell you, it’s cool seeing one of your favorite comic book storylines (almost) faithfully adapted to the silver screen. Let’s just not talk about those first thirty minutes or so.

However back to Batman and Harley, the movie will be playing ‘nationwide’ at select theaters on August 14th. Meaning if you’re a fan of Batman, Harley Quinn, and Bruce Timm’s animated adventures then you should make your way to a theater near you that’s showing it.

If you’re not sure how you feel about a Batman movie with Harley Quinn in the starring role (yes, she’s the star of this little flick), I’d recommend watching the trailer to see how you feel about it.

I feel like the quote of the trailer, and truest sentence of them all was “Friends don’t let friends kill over 7 billion people.” Come on Ivy, eat a snickers.

Wonder Woman Does Wonderfully at Box Office



Now, I have already talked about Wonder Woman and how much I loved this film, but it’s always worth bringing back up how well it’s doing in the box office. Granted this can be expected when you make a good superhero movie, example; The Marvel ones. Seriously though, this movie is fantastic.



Wonder Woman has been out for a month and has so far already surpassed the domestic gross of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Still hate the name) and Suicide Squad, with a domestic box office of $350 million. Expand the equation to include how it’s doing all over the world and the number jumps up $713 million. Hopefully this becomes a trend for all the DC movies to come (with quality of content being the first thing we need first) so that way comic book fans can sit down at the theaters and just smile as they see their favorite heroes come to life on the silver screen.

DC Comics Variant Covers for August

We all love variant covers for comics, don’t we? Seeing a different artist’s take on our favorite characters is always a super cool thing to have. Well except when certain variant covers get a little too pricey on the second hand market. But that’s besides the point. Some variant covers for August where shown off this week and I have to say, these Dark Knights: Metal variants are rather interesting.

I mean, that’s Batman riding a dinosaur. How much cooler can it get? Also featured are variant covers for Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns, Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary special, and Nightwing. Some of these covers are really interesting while others are your run of the mill Rebirth variants.

DC Comic Cover of the Week

It’s a new segment folks, where I pick a comic that had a rather fantastic cover this week and well...I briefly talk about it.

Bam! Superman holding a bald eagle, what more can you ask for on the post 4th of July comic release. It’s a really well done cover that features everyone’s favorite big blue boy scout just casually standing there with a bald eagle perched on his arm. It just really resonates that whole truth, justice, and the Americ- You know, I think I’m just going to leave it to the professionals with this one.

Well said Supes.

DC Comic of The Week

Deathstroke #21 is this week’s DC comic of the week and for very good reason. This book is so good, it has been absolutely stellar throughout the entirety of the series, Christopher Priest (the writer) has just been knocking it out of the park with every swing of his bat.

This book picks up after the events of the Lazarus Contract and Deathstroke #20 where we see Slade steal Wally West’s speed force abilities, run back in time, attempt to save his son Grant (The Ravager) from dying. Well after failing multiple times to do so, Deathstroke ends up getting pulled into the speedforce with the intent by the Titans (both Teen and adult) to just leave him stuck in there. However Wally West (new 52 aka the young one) goes into the speedforce and plucks him out.

Now after having his life saved by Wally, Deathstroke claims to have a new lease on life, to renounce killing and to become a good guy. Which leads us into issue 21 where Deathstroke is the leader (except Joe is technically the leader according to his ex-wife) of a crime fighting group named Defiance.

They all have matching costumes which all look really (really) nice although Slades’ is looking a little odd. Now in my opinion that’s solely because of the cape, because I honestly feel that not every hero needs a cape. Batman and Superman? Sure, cape it up. But Deathstroke, not so much. Now the team consists of Slade, his son Joseph aka Jericho, (the new) Power Girl, Slade’s daughter Rose, Wally West aka Kid Flash, and in a surprise return Terra.

Inside the book, not too much happens on the surface. Every little bit is a small thing that is under the radar for Priest to expand on in the upcoming issues of the arc. For example, the identity of who killed Jericho’s fiancee (and no, it is not Slade surprisingly). However the big moment that does happen in the book is when Slade kills the president’s back up chauffeur who had a history of peddling drugs to children. Slade states to the chauffeur that he’s taken a new lease on life and has given up killing, “after this one” where he shoots the chauffeur.


For being primarily a setup issue that laid a lot of groundwork to be followed up on in the issues to come, I give Deathstroke #21 an 8 out of 10.

Make sure to stop by next week to read about the upcoming DC news and see which comic was picked to be the DC comic of the week. Have a wonderful rest of your week and remember, we can’t stay Uncanny! without you.



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