IMBIBE: Issue #13 Game of Thrones Volume One with Bend The Knee

IMBIBE: Issue #13 Game of Thrones Volume One with Bend The Knee

This blog post is intended for readers 21 and older.

By Rob McFee


This Week's Pairing:



"Game of Thrones" The Graphic Novel Volume One- Written by George R.R. Martin Adapted by  Daniel Abraham- Art by Tommy Patterson- Published by Bantam Books, New York.

Game of Thrones Bend the Knee- Belgian Strong Pale Ale- 9.0% Alcohol By Volume (ABV)- Brewery Ommegang- Cooperstown, NY


You've read the books. You've watched the hit series on HBO. Now experience it in full color and imbibe the taste of "Game of Thrones" with Bend the Knee.

Now acclaimed novelist Daniel Abraham and illustrator Tommy Patterson bring George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy masterwork A Game of Thrones to majestic new life in the pages of these full-color graphic novels, each collecting six issues of the twenty-four issue graphic series. Within these pages, many of Martin's most iconic characters gain a whole new life, springing from the page in rich color and glorious detail.


Brewery Ommegang's Bend the Knee, brings the flavor of "The World" (Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryos.) To your favorite goblet or stein.

At first pour you are greeted with a golden body that's topped with a respectable quarter inch head then dissipates to a nice lace, reminiscent of the beautiful Daenerys. The aroma is floral with hints of fruit. The taste is something, kings, conquerors, and commoners could agree is like no other, bold and sweet with subtle notes of spice. This is a well crafted beer, and deserving to be in Ommegang's stable.

If you're a fan of the books or the show and want to experience "Game of Thrones" on a whole new level, I encourage you to give this pairing a try.

Until next week read and consume responsibly.


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