The DC Week In Review w/ Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/ Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/Dylan

By: Dylan Ashcraft


You know what time it is, it's that time where you and I sit down and take an adventure through this week's DC news and comics. This week we'll be working our way through some news/spoilers for Flash season 4, the comic of the week, and DC's tribute to Adam West.

Flash Season 4: Wally West becomes?

So at the end of the third season of The Flash we saw lead character Barry Allen willingly enter the speed force as atonement for the things he's done to the speedforce, leaving sidekick Wally West to handle all the speedy saving of Central City citizens. Now the question comes up, is Wally going to stay under the moniker Kid Flash, how are they going to explain the absence of our favorite scarlet speedster, is Hartley back yet? Well at least one of those questions has been answered through pictures posted online from the recording of the pilot.

It seems that Keiyan Lonsdale is going to be donning Barry's suit for a little while (however let's be honest it's probably only for an episode). It also reveals that the antagonist of the pilot episode is a character featured in the Flash comics, particularly #181, the samuroids

I'm withholding judgement on how I feel about Wally donning Barry's costume, because I know that the CW won't go more than an episode with the status quo severely messed up. I mean, look at what happened to Flashpoint. It's only one of the most defining events in the Flash lore (despite how relatively new it is) and they only had one episode for it.

I will say though, I am quite interested to see a live adaptation of the "Fastest sword in the East"

Green Lantern: Earth One

Newly announced by DC comics is the next book in the Green Lantern lore and it takes an alternate look at Hal Jordan. The book is going to be written by Gabriel Hardman and will be following the trend of all of the Earth One books where we will see a different adaptation of the character's origin story, life, and even the character itself.

Hal Jordan's typical origin story is that he's a test pilot as well as a member of the United States Air Force but this time around Hal is an astronaut whose job is to mine asteroids. The writers are offering a story that is said to be a grounded sci-fi story while still paying homage to Hal's silver age origins. I'm particularly interested in this as I'm a big fan of the space adventures of the Green Lantern corps and with Hal being an astronaut in space already, I'm excited to see all of the space adventures at hand.

Neal Adams Brings Deadman Back To Life

Deadman is one of those nuanced characters that doesn't see the light of day too often despite how interesting of a character he can be in the right hands. His last story was actually not too long ago and was a pretty enjoyable read, Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love was one of those titles that was really enjoyable to read, but didn't necessarily sell all too well.


However with this new title being written by Neal Adams, a veteran when it comes to comic book writing (I mean just take a look at the man's bibliography), I'm hopeful that this book will do better than the last sales wise, especially seeing Adams history with the character. The point of the book will be Deadman tracking down the truth behind the assassination of Boston Brand with the help of Batman, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate.

Deadman #1 will be releasing on November 1st of 2017 with a special glow in the dark cover.

DC Comics' Tribute to the Late Adam West

The great Adam West passed away on June 9th 2017 and left a hole in the heart of every DC comics fan. Nearly every single Batman fan has seen something of the Batman '66 television show, whether it be a few episodes, the movie, or one of the comics depicting Adam in the costume. We all loved Adam West for how amazing he was as the caped crusader as well as how amazing he was as a person.

Well in this week's (and likely the rest of the month's) DC Comic books, there's a two page spread at the end of each book that serves as a tribute to Adam West. It features a picture of Adam in costume as well as a quote by him and a succinct thank you for all the memories he provided.

I think we all have memories that we cherish of Adam as Batman. Personally I remember watching the reruns of the Adam West Batman show with my grandparents as a child, laughing and enjoying the campiness and absurdity that was the show. What are some of your cherished memories that feature Adam West, leave a comment to let us at Uncanny! Know. No matter what though, just remember that somedays you just can't get rid of a bomb.

DC Cover of the Week

Last week for the cover of the week I picked the Superman variant because of that happy 4th of July feeling it brought to the table. Well this week I picked Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 as the cover of the week because of how simple yet powerful it is. In the 11th issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws (which is in contendership for longest title name out of the Rebirth books), we saw what appears to be the death of Bizarro. Which is why the cover is so reminiscent of this famous cover.

It sleek, it's beautiful, and for readers of the series it' a little on the emotional side as of how well Bizarro has been handled so far. If you haven't picked up this series yet I highly recommend it because it's one of the best books out of the Rebirth saga.

DC Comic of the Week

This week was a difficult week because there were a lot of strong releases by DC this week but I had narrowed it down between Dark Days: Casting #1 and Red Hood and the Outlaws #12, so I went and reread both books and finally selected the Dark Days book. Because much like the first one (The Forge) I was absolutely astounded and reminded how much I love Snyder's Batman. And also just like the first one, there was a quote that etched itself into my mind that I thought about a bit.

"There is a feeling you get at the end of an adventure. You feel it in the anxious quickening in your heart. In every tentative footstep you take" -Carter Hall, Hawkman.

Now I loved the quote from the Forge which had to deal with the start of an adventure and for Snyder to bring it about full circle to do the quote about the end, it just shows how even the small things are being paid attention to.

From the start of the Casting through most of the book itself, I experienced a sensation that Mojo Rawley could only classify as "hype". From the Joker clashing with Green Lantern and Hal Jordan, in the attempt to be the good guy this time around to Wonder Woman coming to Batman's aid as he's battling what appears to be a sphinx. There are a lot of really awesome moments that happen in the first half of the book.

Including a moment that got me really excited as a fan of a rather marvelous character;

Yeah man, Shazam! Or Black Adam, but even if it's Adam it still leads back to Shazam! Also Talia Al Ghul who is always nice to see when it doesn't have to deal with her son. However the book takes a slight hit for me because of a character that Scott Snyder tends to often use in his Batman comics, and that's Duke Thomas. Now I liked Duke in the "We Are Robin" storyline but ever since then every appearance he's had as rubbed me the wrong way. And with him now being a META, I'm not sure how to feel about it. It gives me Ulysses vibes from Civil War II (however it surely can't be as bad as Ulysses was).

The final page of the book brought back some of my excitement however because with Batman failing to properly look into the "abyss" (insert Nietzsche reference here), we however got a glimpse of what is to come in Dark Days: Metal.

Dark Days: The Casting gets an 8 out of 10.

That's it folks, that is the wrap up for this week's DC Week In Review, I'll be back next week with another batch of news for you. However until then, it's time to say goodbye.

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