Indie Scene

Indie Scene
By Dustin M. Best

I may have made a wrong turn from my usual, legendary role of your host for Marvel Tidbits but here I the Indie Scene; it feels rather comfortable...and linear.

When not going my usual Marvel route I like to take the backroads and hit up the Indies. No worrying about tie-ins or major events...just straight up storytelling and artistic freedom. Flipping through the pages of books from the likes of Image and Boom! Studios (to name a few) can provide epic, evolutionary adventures to grounded, "holy $hit, this is my life" tales. 
So without further ado let's rip into the Indie Scene!

2 Lit

I may not be Ty Dolla $ign, but I do know a good trade when I read one. How that is correlated or relevant is irrelevant. Grab these 2 books, 1 out now...1 upcoming!

 seven to eternity rick remender image comics
Seven To Eternity Vol. 1: The God of Whispers
by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Matt Hollingsworth
Image Comics

Being the Marvel fanboy, I am certainly familiar with the Rick Remender - Jerome Opena duo as they put together potentially my favorite X-book ever in Uncanny X-Force (2010-12). *reminds self he is no longer in Marvel Tidbits* 

Seven To Eternity is a powerful, dramatic story about the Osidis family keeping their faith and loyalty to each other in a land otherwise compromised by the devious God of Whispers; whom feeds on the needs and wants of others in exchange for them being his eyes and ears. If he dies, all the people who've bargained with him die as well. Seems like a no-win situation for our "hero", Adam Osidis, who himself is fighting off a deadly disease. A band of magical beings soon join up with Adam to aid him on his quest to end the God of Whispers manipulative reign of terror. 

This graphic novel is available now at your local Uncanny! 

God Country
by Donny Cates, Jeff Shaw
Image Comics

Do you enjoy a good, solid cry every now and again? Do you enjoy small ensemble masterpieces? Pina Coladas? Talking swords?

Awesome. This book is for you. Rising star storyteller Donny Cates brings us a one shot story that was spread through six spectacular issues. God Country tells a story of the Quinlan family, whom are on the verge of coming apart due in large part to widowed Grandfather, Emmet Quinlan, who has been suffering from Dementia. Emmet's son, Roy and his wife Janey are put in the unenviable position of how to best manage Emmet's disease. Emmet's disease-riddled mind no longer recognizes Roy or Janey, including Deena, their young daughter.

That is until the mother of all blades comes crashing into their life, Valofax! 

god country image comics

Upon grasping Valofax, Emmet is no longer tormented by the grasp of Dementia and gets to meet his grand-daughter for the very first time. It's a superbly special moment and one that Emmet cherishes. So much so that when the "rightful" owner comes to take back what is his, Emmet has a tough decision to make...give back the sword and fall back in the darkness of Dementia or fight.

That's all you'll get out of me, so come this Wednesday, August sure to be at your local Uncanny! to buy the story in trade paperback!

Fresh Take

Looking for a funky, fresh new story to delve into? I've got you covered. I'm like the Fresh Prince of Comics...only not Will Smith and I'm certainly not getting "jiggy" with it.

shirtless bear hunter image
Shirtless Bear-Fighter!
by Jody Leheup & Sebastian Girner
Image Comics

Shirtless Bear-Fighter! is a comic that absolutely, should be taken at Grizzly face value...a load of fun and laughs. This is a five part mini-series chronicling the one and only Shirtless Bear-Fighter as he takes on a bevy of bears that have been mind controlled by an evil organization.

Bears. Flapjacks. Maple Syrup.

Get into your local Uncanny! to ensure you subscribe to this beastly hilarious series!

Thanks for bearing with me throughout this week's Indie Scene. Who from your local Uncanny! will you see here next week...stay tuned!

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