Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin

Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin

by Dustin M. Best

Why hello, you. It's so nice to see you again, how have you been? Living your Summer life? Good. 

So much has happened since I last saw you.

I've finally settled my weekend long geek out enough to form coherent enough sentences without....errrggghhhhh.....I'mmmm.....

Ok. I'm fine. It's fine. Jog it off.

Needless to say, the San Diego Comic Con provided us with a bevvy of show stealing footage across all platforms and media houses. From Netflix to DC to Marvel, everyone had a very strong showing and I think to myself...what a wonderful comic lover life. Less talk, more action...let the MARVEL TIDBITS ROLL HIGH!

Got That Fire

I will go ahead and step out on an Asgardian limb and pretend like you've already seen this 86 times. Like some people I know, or may in fact be. But, by the ferocious fang of the Fenris wolf, that was one fantastic voyage!

Thor: Ragnarok looks to take a note right out of the Guardians of the Galaxy playbook and further links the Marvel cosmic realm to Midgard (or Earth for those not in on the Asgardian lingo). The upcoming battle against the almighty Thanos seems a ton more realistic now that we've established that Hulk can in fact smash on other planets...and also form sentences apparently.

The reveal of Loki "joining" Thor's side is a very sly move and his true intentions should hopefully be made clear heading into Infinity War. Will he play the part that Mephisto played throughout the comic-based event Infinity Gauntlet? I could see that as more likely than Peter Fonda showing up. 

The point of the story is, the new look Hemsworth Thor looks completely bad ass and offers a refreshing take on his character. While Mjolnir may be destroyed, for now at least, Thor will have to rely on more than just his Godly Lightning and begin to rely on those who may not necessarily Loki. I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Valkyrie, Skurge, Hela and the Grandmaster of life...Jeff Goldblum...all look as captivating as I can anticipate.

We also got our first glimpse at who I'll assume is Korg, a rocky warrior seen in the comic event, Planet Hulk. Korg is of the alien species Kronan which have been established twice now in MCU flicks namely Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Albeit the movie adaption shows Korg being blue, which makes sense seeing as how his typical orange appearance would cause a load of Thing confusion. 

Surtur was also shown at the very end of the trailer and looking to be on the wrong side of a Hulk bashing. Like there is a right side huh? Surtur is the king of fire giants and has been a menance in the comic scene since first appearing in 1963. What role will he have next to Hela? November 3rd sure can't come soon enough to find out!


Defending The Chill Zone


The second The Defenders trailer also found its way into our Netflix loving hearts and showcases a slew of characters and a whole 'nother world than what we have grown used to in he greater movie MCU. The sheer vastness of characters coming together after 5 individual series has my Marvel-geek sense tingling. Foggy, Karen, Malcolm, Colleen, Claire, Misty and more...oh yeahhhh!

The Defenders continues to build around the fact that Matt, Jessica, Luke and Danny have all lived in the same city, experienced the same villainy and gone through their fair share of personal trials and tribulations. It's Stick that ends up pulling the four together, with I'm assuming help from super nurse extraordinaire, Claire Templeton. In one scene from the trailer, we see all four with Stick surrounding a presumed dead body...and Daredevil without his mask on. That's a lot of gusto you got there Matt, and shows a ton of trust in your new found team. 

Sigourney Weaver makes her MCU debut as Alexandria, whom Sigourney admits is less "villain" and more "adversary" according to Entertainment Weekly. All we know as of now is that Alexandria is the leader of an ancient organization.

The Defenders premiers on Netflix come August 18th!

90's Marvel Baby

Albeit with a release date of March 2019, Marvel released some gnarly news regarding the Brie Larson led Captain Marvel. Not only will Captain Marvel star MCU legend, Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury...Nick will also have both eyes this time around! Oh, did I mention that this film will be set during the one hit wonder laiden 1990's! Now you see what I'm aiming at?

Oh...and these pesky little dudes as the main antagonist...


That's right...Skrulls! This shape-shifting alien species has played a pivotal part in several Marvel Comics storylines, including the comic event Secret Invasion where Skrulls infiltrated several high ranking and super organizations in an attempt to take over Earth. 

So, a Captain Marvel piece set in the 1990's featuring a young SHIELD Agent in Nick Fury and the space breed whom can disguise themselves as anyone (even Jennifer Lawrence) in the Skrulls. I am 110% in with Carol Danvers.

Comic of the Week

royals kree inhumans marvel

I very well could have went with Secret Empire #6, however going with each issue in the phenomenal 10 part Marvel event just seems unfair. So you have the vastly underrated Inhumans title, Royals! 

The 5th issue brings us the culmination of meeting Ronin the Accuser on the Kree home world of Hala from issue #4 and the truth behind the Terrigen Mists. Seeing the Inhuman Royal Family stand up to Ronin and reason with him is a work of beauty. The artwork of Jonboy Meyers has also grown on me since initially laying eyes upon the Royals series solicitations and blends in perfectly with writer Al Ewing's cosmic story telling. 

Be sure to pick up this series next time you are in your local Uncanny!

Song of the Week

Spot on Louis Armstrong, it is indeed a wonderful world where we seek to appreciate its magnificence. Did little Marvel fan boy Dustin ever imagine in the early 90's that he'd be seeing all of his favorite Marvel characters appearing on the big screen, or small screen for that matter? I really thought the closest I'd get is the Generation X pilot that Fox ordered. Now we are on the verge of some major Marvel storylines played out only in my day dreams. What a wonderful world indeed.

This concludes this week's Marvel Tidbits w/ Dustin, stay tuned next week where I'm sure there will be even more bites left from San Diego Comic Con and where my Comic of the Week may or may not be Secret Empire #7. Until then...keep it light!

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