The DC Week In Review w/Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/Dylan
The DC Week In Review w/Dylan
By: Dylan Ashcraft

Hello hello folks, it's time to tune up the band and listen to some sweet chin music as we take a look at the news regarding everyone's favorite blue brand, no not you Smackdown, Dc Comics. This is a big week for Comic Book fans of every nature as San Diego Comic Con is happening right now. And because of the fact that this article was written before the event ended, I apologize if I missed any major news from the event. Now let's elbow drop our way into the news.

Justice League Trailer

So we got a brand new trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie and from a cinematic standpoint it was visually interesting without a doubt. And from the comic book standpoint it looks like perhaps Snyder stepped his game up with this one. Now I'm not someone who aggressively bashes Snyder's prior movies (Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice) because I feel that while they were problematic they were still enjoyable. However inside the trailer itself we got to see (and hear) a lot of interesting and promising things from Cyborg utilizing his powers to the introduction of Steppenwolf who looks to be the big bad of the movie.

The part that piqued my interest the most was when an bodiless voice said the line "No protectors here, no lanterns, no Kryptonian, this world will fall, like all the others". and I'm not going to lie to you, the part of that dialogue that gets me the most excited is the bit about the lack of lanterns. And it gets me all giddy with joy because I really want to see Hal/John/Kyle pop up in this movie and join up with the league. The Kryptonian part isn't as intriguing because we already know that Supes is coming back sometime in the film (pictures of Cavill in costume on set). Check out the trailer and let me know what you think about it!

Also that rooftop bit with Gordon and the League was pretty quality for comic book comedy.

Young Justice Season 3 Team Revealed

Guys, it's happening. The Young Justice season 3 train seems to be on the rails and rolling out of the station because we just got (visual) confirmation on who is going to make up the team this season. There's going to be the expected returning characters while also some brand new faces this time around. So from left to right we've got Static Shock, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Blue Beetle, 13, Artemis, Speedy, and Beast Boy. Now if that awesome team doesn't get you excited than maybe this little bit of news that came from the event will.

Because YJ: Outsiders is not going to be a cable program and instead will be airing on a streaming service (Netflix), the show will be more inclined to a mature nature this time around. Exciting right?

The Flash Solo Movie Has a Title

And it's Flashpoint.

If you stop into Uncanny! At the King of Prussia mall and ask anyone who works with me, they will tell you that I'm a big fan of the Flash, and so when they announce that there will be a Barry Allen Flash solo movie, I get a little excited. Because I'm of the mindset that there's so many things you can do with a Flash movie, the Rogues, Grodd, Thawne, Abra Kadabra, various speedsters, Shade, the Suicide Squad, and many others. But there's one thing I think they shouldn't start off a Flash movie franchise with, and that's Flashpoint.

Yes, Flashpoint the big major DC event from (around) six years back where Barry Allen screwed up time and Wonder Woman and Aquaman went to war with one another while also featuring appearances from Batman (Thomas Wayne), Reverse Flash, and other characters like Grifter. It's too big a movie to do right at the start of a movie franchise. While I have hopes the movie can be a lot of fun and done really well, I'll always have the mindset that they shouldn't do Flashpoint first. It'd be like doing Blackest Night for a reboot Green Lantern movie, it's just a lot to do at first.

Duke Thomas Gets His Own Book

It's been a big last couple of months for Duke Thomas, he's gotten his own superhero name, super powers, and his own book. Now while I don't personally care too much about any of that, I know someone out there is excited at Mr. Thomas getting his own story. As Signal, Duke will be working as a daytime hero in Gotham and will be doing the things that Batman won't be able to do, like stop people from robbing banks in the middle of the day as Bats is probably asleep at that point.

The book will be written by someone from DC's new writer workshop, who has been working closely with Scott Snyder. It'll be interesting to see what all happens with Mr. Thomas in the Dark Days: Metal affairs that will be happening to the DC Universe in the coming months. Expect an announcement regarding the title soon.

DC Cover of the Week

The cover of the week goes to Aquaman #26 which is an absolutely stunning cover featuring Mera on it. The art on the cover is done by Stjepan Sejic who also does the interior art on the book. I've been a fan of this series' covers for awhile with a lot of the variant covers being some of my favorite comic book covers from the last year. And it's nice to see Sejic doing the art on the inside of the book now as well because while I personally prefer strong writing over strong art, Sejic's art will make me read nearly any book.

DC Comic of the Week

This week' comic of the week is Superman #27 where Superman and his lovely family go out on a long deserved vacation. And after the events of the last several arcs for the Superman book, it's nice to enjoy a relaxing one off road trip with Clark, Jon, and Lois.

There's not too much to the book, just a lot of feel good family moments between the three, and a lot of pride for America and it's day of Independence. My favorite moment in the book came towards the end where the Kent family buys dinner for an injured war veteran, and when the hostess attempts to throw the veteran out for reasons of him being a homeless man, Clark comes to defend him. It's just a happy feel good book, and it's nice to get those every once in awhile in comics. There was no action, no drama, no conflict, just three members of a happy family having a long deserved vacation.

Superman #27 receives an 7.5 out of 10

That's the end of the article folks, it's time to pack your bags and head home, or if you're already home, pull out a new comic and have a relaxing read because while we might not all save the Earth on a near daily basis, like Superman, everyone deserves a nice little vacation every once in awhile. Until next time, enjoy a completely unrelated gif. Goodnight folks. 

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