Uncanny! Insider: The Button Part One Review

Uncanny! Insider: The Button Part One Review

By: Dylan Ashcraft

DC’s epic comic book event “The Button” started last Wednesday and needless to say it was a spectacular read. From the proper reintroduction of everyone’s favorite evil yellow speedster, Professor Zoom (aka The Reverse Flash) to the beautiful Watchmen teases.

reverse flash

We got to witness a lot of really interesting plot points. The notion of time was beautifully introduced and carried out through the use of a hockey match including wonderfully written verbal and delightfully drawn physical combat between both Reverse Flash and Batman.

Before the brawl between Thawne and Bruce starts, we see Bats toying around with the Watchmen pin (interestingly enough, juggling the pin just as Two Face does with his coin), and he drops it onto the Psycho Pirate’s mask. A spark of lightning jolts off between the mask and the button, this brings Batman to call Flash and asks him to visit the Batcave.

The button/mask combination causes Bruce to see a vision of his father, Thomas Wayne; however the Thomas he sees isn’t the one he’s familiar with, it’s the Thomas Wayne Batman from the Flashpoint timeline.

The knockout brawl between the returning Eobard Thawne and Batman made for what is undoubtedly Tom King’s best issue of Batman yet. This really serves as a return to form for the evil speedster because, in my opinion, the version of the character created by Venditti during the New 52 Flash run wasn’t the truest incarnation of Thawne. In one instance in The Button Part One, we behold the very fiendish actions of the Reverse Flash, such as tearing apart a very emotional letter from Thomas Wayne to his son.

After Thawne finishes, what was for all intents and purposes, a savage beatdown of Batman, he gains interest in the little yellow button that is lying on the table. He picks it up and muses with it for a second. However, whatever astral being is watching over the button, didn’t seem to be okay with Thawne interacting with it as a bolt of lightning came down and ripped right through the yellow speedster.

The fact that one of the most arrogant and egotistical characters in the entire DC Universe, spoke of seeing “God” mere seconds before his apparent death speaks a thousand words. Was it Dr. Manhattan that decided to smite the Reverse Flash? Is the Reverse Flash actually dead? What is the connection between the button and Flashpoint? And why exactly did the button show up in the Batcave of all places?

Currently, the only answer we seem to have is that while the Reverse Flash seems to be dead, he’s present on the next two covers of the Button series while also being on the cover of the next major Flash arc (as he’s confirmed to be the major villain of the arc).

Make sure to pick up the next issue of the Button (Flash 21) in stores on Wednesday April 26th 2017. And where can you pick up this wonderful crossover event? Why, at your closest Uncanny! of course. Also make sure to pick up the beautiful lenticular cover of Flash 21.

What did you think of Batman #21, The Button Part One?

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