Yu-Gi-Oh Maximum Crisis Preview

Yu-Gi-Oh Maximum Crisis Preview

By Dylan Ashcraft

The upcoming Yugioh TCG booster box set “Maximum Crisis” launches on May 4th, only a few days away! While the name of the set sounds like an over the top DC event, it actually includes an assortment of really good cards. Included in this set are a lot of spectacular cards that will help bolster decks such as Zoodiac, Spyral, Subterror and other interesting decks. This article will serve to tell you what cards are going to be worth picking from Maximum Crisis.

Cards to Look For (And Why)

Zoodiac Hammerkong
        • Zoodiac Lyca: This card and Hammerkong allow the zoodiac deck to recover from the hit they took on the last banlist that was instituted a few weeks back. The combos available because of these two cards are ridiculous
          • Subterror Fiendess: This is the card that can possibly save the subterror deck. As a deck, subterrors have always struggled with having consistency of being effective. However Fiendess’ effect to special summon a subterror from hand as well as flip a subterror face down, adds a lot of fluidity to the deck.
      Dragonic Diagram: Oh boy, this field spell. Dragonic Diagram is one of those cards that takes an already really good deck and makes it something else. The ability to destroy a card in your hand combos really well with cards such as True King Lithogasym, as well as the other true king cards. You can definitely expect this card to be pushing the forty to fifty dollar price range.

      Spyral Gear- Fully Armed: This card is probably the one I am the most excited for as a Spyral player. It’s a rather neat equip spell card that bolsters your Spyral Super Agent by 1000 attack, and gives it the ability to banish up to two cards on the field after battle. As it’s most likely going to be an ultra rare, you could see it floating around the three to five dollar range. 

      The True King Of All Calamities: First off, that is a fitting name for the boss monster of a fantastic deck. This is the primary extra deck monster for the True Draco Kings deck as well as a suiting monster for the very popular True King Dino deck that has been populating local and regional tournaments since release. This is a card that has the ability to negate the effects and prevent the attacks of all your opponent’s monster for an entire turn. Because of the accidental leaked cards from the OTS 4 tournament packs, which included a lot of cards from Maximum Crisis, it’s believed that this card will most likely be a super rare. Which will help it be a bit more cost effective for players to pick up.

      Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC: It’s always worth mentioning the cover card of the pack. And while Z-ARC won’t be as relevant in the meta as some players would like it to be, the pendulum Zarc magician deck will still be a lot of fun to play once this card releases. Now, Z-ARC is actually a relatively difficult card to make as it requires a contact fusion of the three different types of extra deck dragon (fusion, synchro, xyz, as well as a pendulum). However when Z-ARC is made, this card is incredibly difficult to stop (besides a kaiju that is).

      Ghost Ash and Joyous Spring- Oh boy, this card. This card is absolutely ridiculous. So for those who aren’t exactly tuned into the Yu-Gi-Oh competitive scene right now, let me tell you that one of the best decks in the current meta is called 60 Card Infernoid Grass because it capitalizes on a card called That Grass Looks Greener which allows you to mill the difference between your deck and your opponent’s deck. The reason this is good is because of Infernoid’s ability to special summon from graveyard and other such effects. However, Ghost Ash and Joyous Spring absolutely kills this deck. Like Negan’s bat to Glenn’s head, this card just shuts down the deck completely. This card is what’s called a hand trap because it’s effects can be activated from the hand. It’s effect negates an opponent’s card that moves cards between deck to hand or deck to graveyard. Expect this card to be crazy expensive especially within the first few weeks of release. Pre order prices have been floating around ninety-six dollars and because it’s more than likely a secret rare, expect it be difficult to pull. 

      What decks can I play with these cards?

      Zoodiac Hammerkong & Zoodiac Lyca: These two cards fit into the current Zoodiac deck with ratios of your choosing. Personally I’ve been playtesting with two Lycas and one Hammerkong, as the extra deck for Zoodiac (in all of it’s varieties) is incredibly cramped as it is.

      Subterror Fiendess: This is a card that makes or breaks a subterror deck at this point. Subterrors have always been this really cool and interesting deck, a non extra deck flip summon deck that’s primarily made up of boss monsters? It’s pretty sweet in concept but it’s never worked out effectively enough until now hopefully).There hasn’t been a card that was able to get the deck ‘there’. But with the introduction of Fiendess, a card that can special summon your subterrors as well as protect them, while also being searchable by The Hidden City (The Subterror field spell), there’s a chance of the deck no longer being a ‘brick fest’. I’ve been play testing this deck with some friends and this is something that I would undoubtedly max out and play three of.

      Dragonic Diagram: This useful field spell is actually able to fit into two decks (and probably a few others to be honest), with the two main decks being True Draco Kings, and True King Dinos. There’s a pattern there, the “True King” nature of it as when true king cards are destroyed they are able to search, special summon, or do a couple of other crazy effects. True Draco Kings are a deck that I’m rather excited to play because the idea of tributing spells and traps instead of monsters is an interesting concept. This also bolsters the True King variant on the dinosaur deck as it allows you to destroy both the true kings in your hand as well as any of the baby dinos in your deck. And destroying those baby dinos lets you special summon a dinosaur from your deck.

      Spyral Gear- Fully Armed: This card is a crucial component of the Spyral deck (which is essentially a James Bond deck and thats amazing). Fully Armed allows you to bolster your Spyral Super Agent up by a solid 1000 attack and then when comboed with cards such as Spyral Resort, Spyral Gear- Last Resort, and the second effect of Spyral Gear- Drone you get an absolutely nasty card version of James Bond. I’ve been play testing a sixty card variant for this deck and I would have to say Spyral Gear- Fully Armed is a card that you want to play three of without a doubt.

      True King of All Calamities: This card, just like Dragonic Diagram, fits in two of the most popular decks of the upcoming format. Both the True King Dinosaur deck and True Draco King deck get an insane amount of use out of this card. An extremely strong XYZ monster that requires two (or more) level 9 monsters (which the True King monsters all are). The ability to shut down your opponent as they start to try and make some plays is key to securing victory with both of these decks. For decks that play a heavier amount of the True King monsters, I would say you could play three of this in your extra deck but I feel it’s safer and more effective at two.

      Supreme King Z-ARC: This is a more difficult card to discuss, as while it’s easy to place Z-ARC into a deck, it’s more difficult to talk about the strategies that go about utilizing Z-ARC. The Supreme King belongs in the extra deck of Zarc Magicians, with you only playing one copy of the card because of the difficulty of making Z-ARC.  When combined with cards such as Astrograph Sorcerer and Chronograph Sorcerer you’re able to do a lot of fun things with the various magicians that you’ll be playing within the deck. The sad part of this card and the deck in it’s entirety is that it will only be playable for a month or two at best. It will undoubtedly struggle with the other top contenders in the meta scene at the moment but when Link summoning is introduced in the TCG (more on that later), the deck will essentially be dead.

      Ghost Ash & Joyous Spring: What can you play this in? Everything, literally every deck should be playing this card at three. Ignoring Maxx “C”, Ghost Ash & Joyous Spring will undoubtedly be regarded as the best hand trap in the game. Now the difficulty is going to be the price of the card. Because while everyone should be playing this card, not as many people are going to be able to afford this card. Let alone three copies of it. This is going to be one of those cards that has the absolute ability to shut down a player and turn the match in the other person’s favor. 

      Those are the cards to look for in the next Yu-Gi-Oh set, “Maximum Crisis”. There are certainly other cards of note within the set, such as the other subterror, spyral, and draco slayer support.

      You can buy Maximum Crisis packs upon release at your local Uncanny! Also be sure to check out our gaming calendar for your chance to enter our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments!

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