Uncanny! Movie Review: Baby Driver

Uncanny! Movie Review: Baby Driver


Uncanny! Movie Review: Baby Driver (All You Need Is One Killer Track)

By Joe Valenti

Baby Driver not only delivers the most fun film you'll see at the theater this summer, it also is the most well crafted. The highest praise should definitely be directed towards the editors. The movie perfectly syncs up the music with the pace of the film making it feel like a 2 hour music video. It is this impeccable placement that makes the music a character of its own. Without it's guidance, we would be lost in the chase.


While one may think that the film underplays its character development, I believe this criticism is misunderstood. Each character has plenty of development, at least the perfect amount to make each unique. The film does not "baby" it's audience. It gives you the development, through smart dialog, throughout the film. Every action the characters make have weight and you instantly feel it.



Ansel Elgort rhythmically pulls off two great aspects of a troubled character. He is believable as a heist man, while also perfectly capturing the innocence of a music loving kid. His costar, Lily James, perfectly enhances his performance and gives a great one of her own. She certainly has great things in her future.



The rest of the cast, while not in it for long, make for a lively memorable crew. Jamie Foxx makes you despise him in the best of ways, Jon Hamm (why isn't this man a movie star yet?) plays his best role since Mad Men, Eiza González is sure to be the next breakout star, Jon Bernthal punishes the competition, and Kevin Spacey proves that he is still one of the best in the business.




Edgar Wright straps you in and takes you on the wildest ride you can imagine. He has perfectly crafted a beautiful love letter to cinema that will be talked about for years to come. Baby Driver is nothing short of a perfect film and certainly deserves a perfect 5/5.


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