Uncanny! Outlet- Geek Out and Save Big!

Uncanny! Outlet- Geek Out and Save Big!
Montgomery Mall Location to Remain Open
as an UNCANNY! Outlet Store

  with BOGO 50% Off Every Day 
Great news everyone!
Our Montgomery Mall location will be staying open!  

Over the past several weeks we’ve been meeting and strategizing  in order to figure out how we could save our store in a way that could benefit everybody.  As a result, we've come up with a brand-new concept for UNCANNY! and the comic book, geek, and gaming communities.


What if there was a place where buying what you love didn’t mean sacrificing what you need?

What if this new store is from a different multiverse...with another dimension of deals? 


Are you ready to traverse time and space to find the most stellar bargains in the deepest recesses of an UNCANNY! store like no other?


That's right! Our Montgomery Mall location has become the first ever UNCANNY! OUTLET!

 You'll find the UNCANNY! OUTLET to be one-of-a-kind, a store the likes of which have never been seen in any other geek universe. Regular everyday objects of astonishment are offered for BOGO 50% OFF graphic novels, games and geek gear...every item, every day (some exclusions may apply, but not many!)  and all back issues are BOGO FREE.

UNCANNY! OUTLET provides convention-style deals every time you shop, and when you spend $50 or more at our Montgomery Mall UNCANNY! OUTLET store you'll get a $5 GIFT CARD for use at our premium locations found in the King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting Malls.



We know it’s not easy being geek; so much awesome stuff to buy and too few dollars to spend. Shopping at UNCANNY! OUTLET will let you stretch those dollars without breaking the bank. Now you never have to choose between your favorite game and favorite t-shirt, get them both and save!

BOGO 50% OFF items of equal or lesser value for the entire store.
There’s no limit to how much you can buy and

  • Buy a backpack Get 50% off a hat
  • Buy a hoodie Get 50% off a graphic novel
  • Buy a game Get 50% off a t-shirt


 Find great deals at UNCANNY! OUTLET
BOGO 50% Off Every Item! Everyday!

(Some exclusions may apply, but not many!)


Uncanny! is committed to providing great products and quality service to all of our customers, both in-store and online.


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