What Is The Button?

What Is The Button?

By Dylan Ashcraft

DC Comic’s first crossover event regarding the little, yet iconic, yellow pin found in DC Universe’s “Rebirth” #1 began Wednesday, April 19th. The crossover will consist of four parts which will span across the Batman solo title (written by Tom King) and the “Flash” solo title (written by Josh Williamson), beginning with Batman #21 and concluding in Flash #22. The story will play out over the course of four weeks as the biweekly releases of each book continue in the trend started with the launch of most DC Rebirth titles.

Previews for the crossover have also shown that Batman and The Flash are not the only two characters interested in the presence of the Button. A recently reborn Eobard Thawne (who startlingly seems to remember his pre-New 52 existence) is also after the secrets of the button.

reverse flash batman button watchmen

What exactly is the button and why is the Reverse Flash interested in it?

Well, the pin belongs to a character from Alan Moore’s famous book Watchmen. It’s the pin that is typically found on The Comedian’s tactical vest.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing an incarnation of the Watchmen inside of the DC universe?

It is speculated that Dr. Manhattan is the reason for the New 52 as well as the cause of everyone forgetting about Wally West. Another character from the Watchmen that’s highly speculated to already be inside the DC universe is Ozymandias who people believe to be the mysterious Mr. Oz (found within Superman and Detective Comics). Time will tell if we will see the Watchmen interact with our favorite members of the DC Universe.

Another interesting thing to note is the lenticular cover for Batman #22 which showcases the Reverse Flash and another character from DC’s Flashpoint event.

reverse flash batman wayne watchmen

Will the Thomas Wayne Batman from the reality altered Flashpoint making an appearance in the Button?  Will there be a touching moment between father and son as they (potentially) see each other for the first time since their respective deaths? We’ll have to find out as this epic crossover unfolds over the next few weeks!

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