DC Week In Review w/Dylan

DC Week In Review w/Dylan

The DC Week In Review w/Dylan


It’s a new week meaning it's a new day which also means it’s a brand spanking new DC Week In Review with yours truly, Dylan. Last week we took a look at some of the big news that came out in regards to DC Comics as well as reviewed Batman #25. This week is going to be more or less the same, so let’s just dive on in.




Wonder Woman Gets New Creative Team



The release of the 25th issue in the Wonder Woman Rebirth series marks the end of Greg Rucka’s writing on the book (for now). Picking up the mantle at issue 31 will be James Robinson (writer),  Carlo Pagulayan, and Emanuela Lupacchino where their first arc will tackle the idea introduced in Justice League: Darkseid Wars where Wonder Woman has a brother, the first and only male to be born on Themyscira.


It’ll be interesting seeing how this works out because any long time fan of Wonder Woman knows that Themyscira is a female only island. And even for those who have only recently jumped into the character through the Rebirth series or the movie, it’s pretty clear by how they react to the arrival of Steve Trevor, that men don’t really vacation on Themyscira.


And then I know what you’re thinking, “If Rucka drops off at 25, who’s going to do the issues between 25 and 31?”. Well let me answer that for you, Shea Fontana (the writer for DC Superhero Girls) will be doing an arc called “The Heart of the Amazon” which will cover issues 26-30.



More Details about “The Batman”


More details have surfaced in regards to ‘The Batman”, and no, I am not talking about the cartoon (which actually was pretty decent), no I’m talking about the major motion picture that is being directed by Matt Reeves.



It seems that this take on a Batman movie will be more noir-esque and focus heavily on Batman’s detective attributes, which is nice because it’s always a pleasure when writers remember that Batman is the world’s greatest detective and not just a super awesome martial artist in a bat costume. And no, I’m not counting Batman aggressively shouting as detective work.



That’s real talent there Bruce.


The quote from the interview with the director is: “[That] there’s a chance to do an almost noir driven, detective version of Batman that is point-of-view driven in a very very powerful way, that will hopefully connect you to what’s going on inside of his head,”


I’ll be rather interested to see Reeves take on the dark knight, hopefully it’ll make Batman live up to his moniker as the world’s greatest detective.


Sub Zero Enters the Arena


Now for those who don’t play the hit fighting game, Injustice 2, you’re probably confused by the title sequence. Well as the game is developed by Netherrealm studios, the same people who produce Mortal Kombat, they like to shake up the properties and put a MK character into the mix. In the first Injustice game, we saw Scorpion set fire and angrily pull people to him and with this time around the block, his icy counterpart is going to be tossing ice spears and telling people to chill out.



It’ll be cool (last cold pun I swear) to see Subzero square off with Captain Cold in the game, so that way they can make the cold puns and not me. From the gameplay revealed for the character, Subzero looks like he’s going to be a welcome addition to the game and should hopefully find himself a fair spot inside the game’s meta.


Would it have been nice to receive a character that’s actually a DC character, yeah sure. That would have been nice, but I won’t complain myself because Subzero is one of my favorite MK characters.



Comic of the Week


This week didn’t have too many big books on the DC side of things, there were the normal releases as well as some of the Looney Tunes/DC crossovers, which if you haven’t been reading them I highly recommend picking up the Elmer Fudd/Batman crossover because it was the perfect mix of ridiculous and greatness.



However this week I picked Flash #25 which is the kickstart to the “Running Scared” arc, which features Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse Flash as the villain. This follows the events of “The Button” as well as the “Color of Fear” prelude which heavily focus on the Reverse Flash and his relationship with Flash.



This is a book that I was extremely excited for as I’m a massive fan of the Flash and an even bigger fan of the Reverse Flash (he’s my third favorite villain of all time). So when they announced this arc and the prelude arc before it, I was stoked.


Before diving into the events of this book, I have to mention some stuff that happened in the last couple issues.



In the 23rd issue of the Flash we saw the Reverse Flash appear at the end after seemingly escaping death once again (his corpse is featured at the start of the book). He pops up in the middle of a conversation with Iris and Wally West (n52). In the next issue Wally and Reverse tussle a little bit but it’s obviously one sided as in this continuity the Reverse Flash is confirmed to be faster than Barry.



Reverse then takes Iris to the future and leaves a message for the Flash, reminding him where Reverse could be found.



And then we pick up with Flash 25, where Barry races forward to the future on the cosmic treadmill to try and save Iris.


This book was really well done, with it serving as a retelling of Eobard Thawne’s origin story, with some tweaks to make it work a bit better, it showcased just why Thawne hates Barry. It features a lot of brilliant dialogue, and a lot of good hard hitting moments. There isn’t much action in the book until the end, but it didn’t need for the two speedsters to throw themselves at each other (yet).




My favorite moment of the book comes towards the end of the book when Thawne slowly slides the ring on his fingers, and Barry looks up at him and asks “What do you want Thawne?” and as Thawne races towards Barry and begins to viciously assault him (while putting the costume on) he says “For you to finally take your own advice! Every second is a gift” (which is a prevalent theme through the book).



The Flash #25 is a good kick off issue for the next arc, and it does a great job reintroducing a proper Eobard Thawne into the DC comics continuity (unlike Venditti’s Professor Zoom in the n52). I’ll give The Flash #25 an 8 out of 10.


Alright ladies and gents, that means this week’s DC week in review has come to a close, meaning this is your time to comment down below and let me know what you think of the news that's come out this week, the Looney Tunes crossovers, as well as Flash #25. I’ll catch you next week when we inevitably discuss some more news and some other comics. Until then race into Uncanny! to grab a copy of Flash #25 before they race off the shelves!



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